Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday movie quiz - Yep, it was FARGO

Yep - It was Fargo.

And here is a clip of the scene I took it from...

The winner is Jo who will get some rock, but due to my massive generosity the following will also be getting rock - Garfer, Sniffy and Piggy. Now I will be expecting both Sniffy and Piggy to post piccies of you both eating your rock - Garfer is exempt  as I know he is camera shy. 

Next time the quiz will be a lot tougher. 


Okay, this one went a little better. 

A relatively straightforward quiz this - watch the clip and tell me which film it's from. Answers on a postcard please, or the comment box which will probably be much quicker. 

There is a prize this time; a lovely stick of genuine Brighton Rock - I know, right? Amazing! It does mean I'll need to walk down to the pier to get it, but never mind.

I know, more robots right?, I'm obsessed with the robots...

I'm a bit concerned that this is too easy,  oh well, if you guys get it straight away I'll just have to make the next one much harder.

Garfer - email me your address, you're getting a stick of rock for getting the last one correct. 

My email address is on my profile (for a bit).


Piggy and Tazzy said...

Wheres MY stick of rock?

I never get nuffin, me.


Piggy and Tazzy said...

And I think I might be having a Sniffy moment, as I've no idea what film the robots are enacting.

Herge Smith said...

Piggy, you want a stick of rock? Send me you're address and I'll send you one.

The rest of you, get guessing!

MJ said...

I once sent Piggy a stick of rock.

A nice long one for Piggy and a short one for Tazzy as Tazzy is used to sucking on a little stick.

Herge Smith said...

It's just filth filth filth with you isn't MJ? Not that that's a bad thing mind.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

I do believe she'd licked the sticks of rock first, before sending them to us.

The dirty cunt.

Actually, I'm hoping she'd licked them with the lips of her mouth rather than her 'other' lips.



Sniffy said...

I haven't got a clue what it is either.

But can I have a stick of rock? I know I only just got a pressie from you, but Trump nicked it.

Herge Smith said...

It was for Trump.

Blimey, you don't want much do ya? Cards and rock...

Joanna Clare Seymour said...

Fargo!!! It's Fargo :D

Do I win??

Lots of love, Joanna

Herge Smith said...

Just as well you put your middle name in there otherwise I wouldn't have known who you were.

Yep, it's Fargo.

Email me your address and I'll send you some rock.

Definitely gonna make this harder next time - everyone up on their foreign movies?

joanna clare seymour said...

I seriously need to email the address???

Herge Smith said...

Yes please, you don't want that rock going missing.

garfer said...

Balls, I knew the answer and could have had two sticks of rock if I'd got in earlier.

Do I get a free Kiss me Quick hat as well?

MJ said...

By "foreign" do you mean British films?

Herge Smith said...

Garfer - You get one stick and be happy with it Garfer - you were very slow to answer today, I was certain you'd be first in.

MJ - Foreign is any movie other than American, so yes, British movies are Foreign (especially Welsh, Irish and Scottish).

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Fargo? Oh yes, I knew that.


MJ said...

I'd like a photo of the stick of rock acting as a spike in Garfer's mohawk hairdo.

He needn't show his face.

Sniffy said...

Yay ROCK! I've never seen Fargo. You'll have to pick a film that I've seen next time.

Craig said...

Clearly it has been too long since I have seen Fargo. I knew I recognized it, but couldn't figure out why.

Then again, maybe it's hard to identify anything from Fargo when it's a robot accent rather than a Minnesotan one.

You talk about being obsessed with robots like it's a bad thing.

Herge Smith said...

What do you mean? That was a Minnesotan robot accent!

Good point about the robot obsession... or should I say, by your command?

No, I probably shouldn't.