Friday, September 30, 2005

Angry Chimp unplugged: Session 1

Well, this is why I always use photoshop.

1. The humble beginnings of DBC...

Angry Chimp unplugged session 3

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Short story competition!!!

No, I'm not running it, but rather the fab CK over at The Fount of Useless Information is.

Now, I know you all are frustrated writers, hence this blogging bollocks, so I urge you all to check out CK and the contest he is running and give it a shot.

You've still got a couple of days to come up with a mini masterpiece.

CK short story competition

Come on, could be fun, right?

And just so you know, I've entered a little tale myself.

Oh and btw, sorry about the erratic blogging schedule again, been in a bit of a funk the past few days.

DBC will be back shortly as will Strangeways and all the other bollocks. I'm also aware that since starting the new blog with Tina, SHUT UP! - I've barely been there.

Sorry, normal service will be resumed just as soon as they up my dosage.

See ya.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Finally, some Angry Chimp merchandise.

Angry Chimp T-Shirt
(actually size shown)

Well, it's been a long time coming but here it is folks, the first in a whole range of quality Angry Chimp merchandise that will improve your life, make you more socially acceptable, and act as an ace talking point in the Supermarket.

"Goodness, that's a lovely T-Shirt, would you like to have sex with me?"

This response to wearing an Angry Chimp T-Shirt is guaranteed*

Dirt cheap, I mean extremely good value at just £29.99 (inc VAT, ex P&P) or about $50 if you're a yank. Dunno about the Canadian rate so don't ask.

Order today and finally get a bit of attitude into your life.

Badges (buttons) of all your favourite Angry Chimp characters, including; Dalek, Borg, Smash Robot, Dalek presenter no.1, Dalek organiser no.1, Dalek field reporter no.2. and many more... oh and Cylon.

*Obviously it is nothing of the sort.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Coming soon...

Davros promo 1
Davros promo 2
Davros promo 3
Davros promo 4
Davros promo 5
Davros promo 6
Davros promo 7
Davros promo 8a

Monday, September 19, 2005

An apology.

Never trust a herge

Thordora, I'm very sorry. Once again I have totally failed to get the Monday Interview sorted and ready for posting, despite promising many times now that I would get it done.

It just keeps getting away from me. It's those damn Daleks, they take so much effort to work with, they are grumpy, belligerent , and frequently late for work.

I do want to get the Interviews up and running again. I love them, and really want them to become a staple of Angry Chimp.

And I eventually want to interview all my regulars, not you though edwaado.

Thordora kindly answered the questions for the interview weeks and weeks ago now... but then stuff kept happening on Mondays, like me sort of giving up for a bit after the Over2U Friday.

But I pledge this, to Thordora, who has a fabulously interesting and often poignant blog and to all you good folk who come around here for some good ol' fashion family values - oops sorry, lapsed into my 'good ol'boy' routine for a moment.

Anyway, I pledge this -


and it will feature

THORDORA from her excellent blog

Shut the fuck up and listen to me!

Shut up

Cakesniffer and Chimp are joing forces in the Anakin Fucking Skywalker of Blogs: Shut the fuck up and listen to me!

In addition to our usual stuff at Cakesniffers and Angry Chimp, Shut the fuck up and listen will hopefully allow us to get back to some of the more vitriolic, unprovoked and unreasonable observations and attacks that we started our respective blogs with way back. We'll also be able to do some joint things.

Not sure how it's going to work just yet. It won't be pretty - no graphics and very few or no photos - but it might be fun.

Cakesniffers and Chimp will remain as they are, but Shut the fuck up will allow us to vent our respective spleens in full, glorious beige.

Visit early so you can tell the grandkids you were there from the start.

Sunday, September 18, 2005