Saturday, September 10, 2005


Due to POD proving to be more popular than I expected, I have decided to republish the work and add a few minor cosmetic changes. I wonder if you can notice any difference...

Pod updated coverPod updated 1

Pod updated 2Pod updated 3

Did you spot any of the subtle changes? If not try looking at the original post again HERE.

And in answer to your questions/ comments;

1. My actual nickname since 1992. Still called it now by some (Wank face by most others).
2. Did more funny comics than serious (hard to imagine but true). Did a small angry comic about Father dying and then quit for a few years. When I started writing again I stuck to my abusive relationship with the BBC.
3. Strangeways back next week (maybe). Recap first, of course.
4. Sister Rays was a cool indie club in Brighton, as was The Underground; don't go looking for them now, they aren't there anymore.
5. Yes, I have previously had trouble staying in relationships.
6. Not copywrited, go ahead print it out and give it to family and friends as an Xmas present.
7. Not my birthday yet. No Dalek yet either.
8. Only with another consenting adult.
9. Any Panda motif's are purely coincidential.
10. Ceri is not a Librarian, she's a writer.
11. The updated cover should fully explain why the comic was called POD.
12. I could find out where Naz and Yvonne are now, but it was so long ago and they are just a few of the people I've lost touch with over the years. (Look how I've treated you all recently).
13. Ceri was not the one that got away. (I don't think I have one that got away now).
14. That's your lot, now on with more Dalek stuff.


aasmodeus said...

1. What is it? I went through the previous posts and couldn't find the question you seem to be answering.

9. Just in case you mistook my poor juxtapositioning of two completely separate topics: a) I liked the Panda stuff. next topic: b) I was touched that you shared POD with us.

10. Just curious, since in the strip she's suddenly off with lots of women friends...

11. I must be a real dolt then, I still don't understand why "POD"...

Cheers and well wishes on your birthday, if PO was accurate then we're about the same age!

cali said...

Woohoo! I'm finally famous! All those years, well, weeks really, of commenting have paid off.
I feel like Barry freakin' Norman (is he still alive?)

Rowan said...

You prick! I was expecting the same story, just souped up graphics or something, and then dalek appeared and I spit my coffee across the room as you caught me offguard with the silliness. I think the new version reflects the you now more! Hillarious! I too though don't really realize what questions you are answering, care to add the q's with the a's ?? I don't really get the POD title either. What? You didn't really have a birthday? You fibber! :P Seriously though, I am glad to see you aren't in some dark depressive state and you still have your sense of humour, you got me outta my funk for a little bit anyhow

MHN for short said...

Guys, go back and read "all" the comments. He has indeed answered EVERY quetsion/comment. Thank you Herge. Sending a hug, just cause I want to. There you have and there it is...

Karen said...

I can't imagine you being called anything other than Herge.

MHN - he didn't answer all the prying questions about his love life. Doesn't want to disrupt our hopes and fantasies, I suppose. :)

Herge Smith said...

It's called POD because it references Invasion of the Body Snatchers - a film and book (badly written by Jack Finney) in which the central characters loved ones become cold and emotionless whilst still look as they did when they were warm and loving.

It transpires that they have been duplicated by an alien life form which grows the duplicates in a POD.

Hence POD.

The character of me, so naive and stupid only has his range of geek film experiences to adequately explain his feelings of paranoia regarding his failing relationship.

You may also have noticed that the strong panel structure of the strip falls away as the relationship finally crumbles.

There you go.

aasmodeus said...

Cool. I didn't get it cause I never saw that movie. Thanks for the explanation.

I still don't know what nickname you're refering to. Wank? Pod? Angry Chimp?

MHN, I did search first, you know. Meticulously. I didn't see references to "Is that your nickname?" or any such. But perhaps I've been cramped over this tiny laptop screen far too long...

Herge Smith said...

Aas - Herge.

aasmodeus said...

OH. I never realized that wasn't your real name. Silly me.

Ever since I began reading your blog I've been thinking of you as some French-Swiss person who happened to be a British citizen, and ended up in the U.S. You even sort of look the part in that photo of you and Dixon.

MHN for short said...

I remember reading it somewhere. It may not have been in these(the POD posts). I think it might have been CK, but I could have been wrong. Apologies to all.

garfer said...

Tintin (Herges Adventures of) ennit?

Rowan said...

I saw the remake of TBS and read the book many years ago, but it went right over my head, now I get it. Sorry. I was taking it too literally.

I also didn't see those questions (some of them maybe) in the trackback either. Doesn't matter though, I think I understood the answers to most of em anyhow.

So, how're you keeping?