Sunday, September 18, 2005

DBC News at 9 part two

DBC 16
DBC 17
DBC 18
DBC 19
DBC 20
DBC 21
DBC 22
DBC 23
DBC 24
DBC 25
DBC 26
DBC 27
DBC 28
DBC 29
DBC 30
DBC 31
DBC 32
DBC 33
DBC 34
DBC 35
DBC 36
DBC 37
DBC 38
DBC 39
DBC 40

DBC 41


Ship Creak said...

Man, how long did it take to do that dalek crowd?

You got that mini-Dalek yet? Planning on getting one?

Oh, and when d'you wanna get drun.. sorry, go out fer a few beverages? Planning on getting anyone over for your birthday?

Sniffy said...

That was awesome, brilliant, STUPENDOUS!

Youre patience must be something else to put all that stuff together.

Well done and thanks again.

Steve Dix said...

And not even one mention of "put it in the curry!".

DrMax said...

Somewhere in England, Herge is fast asleep on his Wacom tablet, a small pool of drool is his only pillow.

cali said...

Smells like dalek teen spirit.
I love it!
Bloody terrans! Let them deal with their own mess, then "smash them all to bits" *rolls on back laughing*.

garfer said...

Bastard Blogger isn't downloading half of your images.
I will have to wait before commenting.

Herge Smith said...

Tanks everybod.

No mini Dalek yet, sadly...

Garfer, partly my fault I reckon with all these stupidly big images - I'm assuming everyone is on atleast broadband, I'd imagine trying to view this page on dial up would be a total b'arch.

Oh and Garfer, what was up with you last night?

garfer said...

Soz about that. I was inebriated to the point that I couldn't roll a fag properly. Any wankpot comments from me on a Saturday night should be ignored.

Herge Smith said...

No worries, thought it was really funny.

In fact it has given me an idea for a future post.

L said...

heh heh heh

all news shows should have Dalek anchors....

Alex M said...

*A pause*
*More applause*

Karen said...

ROTFLMAO! "Strong regional accent"! I can't believe we don't pay you for this, Herge.

"Hardened killing machine." Heh.

Sounds like you had a birthday. Happy birthday. :)

Herge Smith said...

Frankly, I can't believe you don't pay me for this!

Not my birthday yet, not until the 27th. Judging by the content of my blog it may look like I'm going to be 14. Sadly, I'm going to be a bit older than that.

Faltanus said...

i'm in awe....complete and absolute fucking awe! i love the detail - the circle around the passing cylon in the photograph. this is so dead on to the current trend of network news towards tabloid journalism. fantastic work Herge!

Rowan said...

hillarious, looks like a LOT of time and effort on your part. I especially liked the Nirvana reference, I mean, that just worked! There was something else I liked and wanted to mention, damn, now I have to go back in a sec.

Rowan said...

the translations, thats what I meant to say, I loved it