Thursday, October 06, 2011

Give Mole a chance...


The truth is no one really knows where Mole comes from…

Well actually they do, you see Mole is the result of the overgrowth of the skin's pigment cells, melanocyte. Mole doesn’t know this because Mole is just a Mole not the part of the brain that deals with knowing where moles come from or where you left your keys this morning. It isn’t Moles fault that Mole is the overgrowth of the skin’s pigment cells, it is just one of those things, and now here Mole is.

Despite being light brown in colour, Mole is not of an ethnic background, in fact everything around Mole is quite white, and like Mole rarely touched by the warm embraces of the Sun… or at least that is what we imagine.

Mole is of the soft variety, not in the sense that Mole can be bullied, or cajoled into committing criminal acts, although to be fair we doubt this has ever been tested; no, Mole is soft, and certainly not dysplastic. Mole had once been called dysplastic but this turned out to be both a mistake and somewhat offensive. It’s just not polite to call a regular mole dysplastic; in fact it’s rude.

Mole is not entirely sure how old it is; its earliest memories are of a fifteenth birthday party which would make Mole now around fifteen years old… which is not as obvious as you may first think.

Sadly, despite its splendor Mole harbours feelings of shame and insecurity, which anyone will tell you, are not good feelings to have. Good feelings to have are joy (within reason) and that gooey feeling you get in your tummy when someone nice runs their fingers inside your underwear waistband.

Now, we are not Psychiatrists, no we are not. But we believe that the reason for Moles feelings of shame and insecurity are simple; Mole is infrequently spoken to, or indeed spoke about, and when Mole does hear itself spoken about, it is rarely complimentary. And sometimes, just sometimes its name is mentioned in conjunction with a small medical procedure, which is a shame as Mole is packed full of personality and charm, love and kindness…

Mole has never harmed anyone, and with regular check-ups, it probably never will.

If only Mole can be given a chance.

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