Sunday, May 28, 2006

A gig for the British Isles 4


Fields rain

Fields rain1

Fields rain2

Fields rain3

Fields rain4

Fields rain5


Fields rain6

Fields rain7

Fields rain8

Fields rain9


Fields rain10

Fields rain11

Fields gig14

Fields rain12

Fields rain14

Fields rain15


Fields rain13


thordora said...

god I feel old...

Herge Smith said...

Why does this make you feel old?

thordora said...

anything to do with the weather makes me feel old...

I don't know really...but that was my inital reaction to this...maybe the reference to reading made me think of lollapalooza here, years ago...

weird wot?

The "DAAAVVVEEE" was priceless however.

garfer said...

Only been to Glastonbury twice meself.

First time I got third degree sunburn. Second time it was a mudfest.

No wonder everybody takes drugs.

Herge Smith said...

Never done Glastonbury - always stuck to Reading (or the Carling whatever it is now) due to its closer ties to indie music and kids. (in my head that is)

Rowan said...

ain't this the truth!
I think that this one was your best queue segment piece...the knobs talking about the rain....thats just priceless.

MHN for short said...

Lovin' the last line "DAAAVVVEEE!!!!"

Been there, said that. Several times. :-)