Monday, May 14, 2007


Maryann takes the gum that she’s been chewing throughout our flirtation from her mouth and presses it hard into a nail scrapped peephole that has been conscientiously carved by god-knows who over god-knows how long.

Pushing me back to an arms length she pulls her tight leather skirt up to her waist, slides her hands either side of her soft pink love heart panties and slowly runs them down to her ankles.

She looks up at me with those big blue saucer eyes and says, “I’ve got what you want, Daddy,”

“What I need, you mean,” I say, licking my lips.

Leaning back on the toilet seat, she jams both booted feet against the wall brackets, one either side of her. Gleefully exposing her holiest of holies, Maryann reaches forward and with one hand tightly holding onto the empty paper dispenser she begins to push the fingers from her free hand into herself.

I’m so crazy for it now it’s almost unbearable. It takes what remains of my threadbare will power to stop myself diving in there with her.

Sensing my growing discomfort she giggles and throws her head to one side, her long dark tangled web of hair obscures half her face like the ubiquitous Japanese scare-teens.

“You hard for me?” she purrs with a wink, “I’ll help you get there, Daddy.”

“I’m hard honey, but it ain’t for you,” I say, “And I’m not your Daddy,”

Same all over the megalopolis, if you know where to look you can find your perfect brand of filthy cube dweller, always spinning their deals, immune to the stench of excess and distorting beats that resonate throughout these tiny dark slate and shiny chrome spaces.

Comfort stops on the way to chemical oblivion is their office space, where everyday is a case of the Mondays.

After an eternity she finally pulls out a silver cylindrical tube which she immediately cleans by putting it in her mouth and sucking through her perfect bee stung lips.

She rests her feet back on the piss drenched floor and holds her hand out with the one thing I desire most in this world sitting innocently in the centre of her palm.

As I reach out to take it she snatches it away, and holds it far behind her clenched tightly in her tiny fist.

“You want it right, Daddy?”

I say nothing.

“You pay me a hundred.”

It’s worth half that again. I offer eighty-five.

“Ninety-five Daddy, and you can have me as well,”

I don’t even think for a second, “No offence,” I say pointing loving at the silver tube, “I just want that.”

“Ninety,” she says without dropping a beat.

There’s a loud bang on the cubicle door; she shoots me a look and I know she wants me to say silent.

Another bang followed by a cry of angry desperation. “What you doing in there? I need to take a whiz for fucksake.”

“I’m butt fucking your mother, bitch!” Maryann screams at the potential intruder.

Yet another bang on the door, “Get fucked, bitch!” she screams again, this time showering me in her angry warm spittle.

I wipe it away and offer eighty-eight. Pulling the notes from my back pocket, I offer them to her; no more, she gets no more.

Maryann holds the cylinder between two fingers and sniffs the one inch length.

“For eighty-eight you get a little bit of me as well, Daddy.”

She hands it over and without even taking a second to looking at it I crack its back and pour the contents into my mouth.

The sweet sweet liquid immediately has my tongue and gums tingling like electrified space dust.

Maryann shakes her head and starts to push her way past me. I obligingly let her.

“You might want to lock this after,” she helpfully suggests as she pulls the door open. I nod in agreement and push the door closed as she leaves, dragging the bolt across before slumping back on the toilet seat.

My body already weighs four times as much as a moment before; the effort in pulling each of my legs up onto the seat so can rest my chin on my knees is extraordinary.

The electrified space dust is seeking out every inch of my body, leaving traces of burning radiance like gunfire at night.

Suddenly pulsars fire from the back of my skull guiding blinding white light into the infinity before me.

A star field bursts into life, each newborn satellite exploding with the force of a million atom bombs.

I see it, I see it all through closed eyes.

My body, now relieved of weight drifts forward, slowly at first, but quickly gaining momentum until I’m moving at hyper-light speed through an angel filled cosmos.

Falling free through space I’m caught by the gravitational field of a super massive black hole, sucking me down, stretching me like rubber until with no more give I shatter into a billion pieces each flickering like sparks dancing on the surface of the sun.

Not long now I think.

Not long now until the foreplay is over and Delirium really kicks in.


spleenal said...

I was just surfing the net and came across your blog.
And then came across the keyboard.

Herge Smith said...

Yeah, I remember you having problems with that premature ejuckulation.