Saturday, May 12, 2007

'Mon Meilleur Ami' or how to upset your best friends.

So, I went to see the French movie ‘My Best Friend’ (Dir. Patrice Leconte) last night with my own frenchie chum. Nothing weird about that right, except after the movie frenchie declared it wasn’t much of anything and that in fact she hated french movies – b’ah, the French right? Even their cinema is wasted on them (shout out to all the haters!)
However, turns out I upset two of my other bestie chums for different reasons.

1. John. Okay so I admit for the past few months I have been seeking refuge at his house, variously on Friday and Saturday evenings. His house offers friendship, beer, curry and a good nights sleep. (I’ll go why this is so important to me another time).

So, a week ago I agreed to go round this weekend, I thought it was Saturday, he says Friday, he can’t do Saturday – I go ahead and arrange to see ‘My Best Friend’ leaving my actual best friend to feel that I’ve dropped him for a non-date with my newest meilleur ami.

2. Popular occasional blogger edwaado, my other BFF finds out from his good lady wife, with whom I had a very pleasant lunch on Friday that I’m off to the flicks and I haven’t invited him. Oops. He feels left out and pissed off at me.

I wouldn’t mind all the hassle but the fact is the movie was only ‘okay’, not great and certainly not a patch on the rest of Lecontes oeuvre (The Hairdresser's Husband, M. Hire, Ridicule, The Man on the Train to name a few).


Daniel Autueil learns in the film that you have to stop being selfish and self serving to have friends. Well, I manage to have friends and still be exceptionally selfish and pathologically self serving, but fuck me it can be hard work at times.

NEXT TIME: Why I’m moving to Brighton…

Clue: It’s not because I’m gay...

(not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Does all this talk of best friends and bff's make me sound about 12?


pissoff said...

Ohhhhh, don't go upsetting everyone Herge... You know how important it is to keep everyone happpy.

I saw "Meet the Robinsons." Tres bon.

M said...

Yes, and so unusual for you as well....' ;-)

Take your real BFF's out for some drinks and all will be better.