Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Lonely Lemon

They called it the last great unfilmable work, but I've proved them all wrong and filmed it.

For your viewing pleasure I suggest you play it with either the sound turned UP or with headphones in.


For the source material click here.


Neil Barnwell said...

Hang on, isn't this a film-adaptation of a previous written work? Are people going to say "it wasn't as good as the blog"?

You even had a slightly different ending. In the blog, one wasn't treated to the Hollywood Happy Ending that was alluded to in the movie, we were left hanging and bummed out. The film ending is even left it slightly open, as if to allow for a half-arsed "Lonely Lemon 2: Pancake Day!" sequel.

Maybe there should be an alternative ending where the Lemon turns into an alien and beats the crap out of the chocolate bar?

By they way, are you looking forward to Watchmen?

spleenal said...

this felt longer than Watchmen

Herge Smith said...

Barn - Yep, I went Hollywood... I changed the ending at the last minute, it's what the suits demanded, that and the removal of the faux alien being.

Nige - But at least I got approval from the writer first.

As for Watchmen, it was okay. I'd rather they hadn't made it at all, but since they did they did as well as anyone could expect.

It was terrible, it just wasn't terribly good.

Sniffy said...

I once had a polystyrene tray that contained three lemons. They were only three weeks old before my daft twat of an ex threw them out.

Nice work, btw.

Versatile Helicopters said...

The poor lemon. I try to keep lemon in pairs in my fridge. That way we avoid any loney and suicidal lemons.

You are the master Herge.


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