Monday, October 03, 2005

Dachshund - a story in words and pictures

My name is Dixon. This is me.

Dachshunds 7

I live with Herge. This is us together, he's obviously a fool, but I tolerate him.

Dachshund 6

I pretty much rule the house.

Dachshunds 6

And have done for the past 6 years.


I've had not such a good year this year, first I had a slipped disc, which left me paralysed for about 2 months (I can walk again now), and then I had a small operation on my toe. This is me with a large bandage.


Recently, I've been thinking things were getting back to normal again...

Dachshunds 2

But then this appeared.

Daisy Doo

Daisy is what they call her. She's everwhere I go.

Dachshunds 1

She thinks she's so special with that stupid long hair... b'ah.

Dachshunds 3

She is such a show off.

Dachshunds 4

I just can't get rid of her. I think she's here to stay.

Dachshunds 5


pissoff said...

Poor Dixon. How's he coping with Daisy encroaching on his space?

Rainypete said...

First a foot operation and now a competitor. Will there ever be an end to poor Dixon's tragedy?

Faltanus said...

oh the indignities we impose upon our pets. i suspect Dixon is being kind and holding back all kinds of vitriole and spite in that little summary of the year. as if sharing home and owner isn't bad enough, the intruder is cute as can be, and has those beautiful long locks of silky hair to boot!

Herge, i hope you have let Dixon know in no uncertain terms that she is still top dog.

Rowan said...

awww! poor baby. Is he getting quite jealous then?

Day-ummm! Herge, you are too cute! Why didn't you let us know before how handsome you were, I mean, you've left pictures, but none so nice as this. Sweet.

Rowan said...

oh and meant to say, you have a nice home! It's very white and clean (something I could never have with 2 kids running amuck)who picks up after you then?

Do you have the place to yourself? Apartment or house? Just curious, it;s lovely. How 'bout a pic of the outside sometime?

garfer said...

Dixon may need counselling. The intrusion of a competitor for your affections may lead to some psychological disturbance.

Anonymous said...

Dixon... Daisy... Dalek... it's all running together in my head...


thordora said...

that is just what I needed on a cruddy Monday.

Karen said...

Agree with Thordora. What a lovely surprise!

I am also glad that Daisy is a rescue... Just because you may have helped save her life.

AGREE with Rowan... Herge, you have beautiful eyelashes. Again... How much for a 2006 calendar of you? ;)

I hope the two girls get along well. And I hope Dixon still knows you love her!

suburban wonder said...

Has Dixon asserted her authority as Alpha Bitch yet? Those fights can get ugly. She seems to be taking it well.

When we brought Zippy home, Slider walked around in a funk for 2 days drooling madly all the while. I had to follow him with a mop.

DrMax said...

It's always hard on the first child when the new baby arrives.

MHN for short said...

Too cute. Our cat Cinnamon felt much the way Dixon does after we brought home Albert. She hid under a bed for 3 weeks, refused to eat, drink, pee or poo. We finally got her out from under the bed, by that time Albert had the run of the place and her reign as Alpha cat was OVER! It took 1 year before she would meow at us & 3 years before she would purr again. She was really angry!

Sniffy said...

Brilliant photographs there, absolutely wonderful.

What is it with you canadians? How many times do you have to be told that Dixon is a SHE!

Fuck's sake.

Great story, but where was the Dalek and Doubtful Guest?

Just messin' wiv ya, I really enjoyed that.

Spirit Of Owl said...

Why have one dog when you can have two? And why stop there? Hell, you could squeeze them little things in there like sardines, with a roller top lid and everything. Get many more dogs and let us know how it goes. :)

For myself, dogs make me wheeze, itch and weep. My revenge is simple - I have no dogs. Muwahhhahahahahaaaaa.

Rowan said...

Owl - me neither for same reasons. Rethinking that lately tho'.

Sorry Herge, didn't mean to insult...just just that I never knew a Dixon who wasn't male. You like to be different huh?

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Anonymous said...

OMG, a newbie spamcunt who can't even link properly!!! What a hoot.

Sniffy said...

Do you think "Spamcunt" will make it into the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary?

DrMax said...

Herge, just letting people on my blogroll know I'll be off line for a few weeks, lack of comments doesn't mean I don't care I just won't be connected. With you all your faithfull viewers I know I will not be missed, see you at the end of the month.

MHN for short said...

That's depressing Dr.Max. We all know when you've been here, may not say it, but we know it. Hope you have a nice month off and come back refreshed.

Rowan said...

Herge...could it be time for a post?

L said...

these are hilarious! He looks so cute and bratty

MHN for short said...

They are both female doggies.

portuguesa nova said...

Ohhhh...they are soooo adorable. That little bandaged paw is breaking my heart!!