Friday, February 17, 2006

She’s such brave girl.

Well there you go. You hurtle down a hard as nails ice trench at up to 90mph on a three grand tray, head first mark you, with your face barely an inch from major on the spot reconstructive surgery and what does the media in all it’s glory do? Patronise you.

“Oh, isn’t she such a brave girl?”

Not really surprised, just a bit disappointed that after all these years even the BBC can’t be arsed to straighten itself up and stop being so pathetically sexist.

You never hear 26-year-old men being referred to as brave boy do you? Not unless it’s fucking Dad’s Army of course.

It’s not about political correctness, it’s just about treating one another with respect.

Anyway, rather than wait for feedback from you lot on this topic I lobbied my workmates about this disgraceful treatment of a professional athletes success at a World platform event.

And the consensus from this group of intelligent women all between the ages of 25-30?

“So what?”

As my fictional hero of the early nineties slacker generation – Buddy Bradley would say;

“What’s the use?”

Go on, I don’t care anymore, call as many women as you like stupid shit like ‘bird’ or ‘chick’ or ‘Doris’ or ‘Darlin’ or whatever…

‘cause you know you fuckin’ luv it you filthy slappers!


Sniffy said...

I know what you mean, it is very patronising. But you know what, and this may be just me, it makes me feel weird when people refer to me as "woman" - no funny comments, please. I know damned well that if I was referred to as "that girl", especially in a professional context, I'd be very disappointed. Fucking furious I think.

Perhaps your female colleagues didn't want it to appear that they were mental feminists or something. Or perhaps they're just braindead twats.

The "love" thing can be a bit weird because a lot of northerners refer to everybody as "love".

And I don't know about "brave", but fucking mental certainly sprung to mind. Daft bitch.

Good point.

Karen said...

Yeah, "girl" can be a bit derogatory once you've hit your 20s. I mean, really, you're a woman then. But if you've still got the mindset of a kid, sometimes "girl" or "boy" simply fits.

We need a female age-neutral term, the way "guys" is for the males.

I love how politically sensitive you are, Herge. :)

edwaado said...

You'd better get on Waylon Jennings' case while you're at it.

Graham said...

At least the beeb didn't say
"What's that stupid bitch doing putting her child-rearing opportunities at risk? She should be serving the tray , not fucking sliding on it!"

Karen said...

Indeed, Graham, that would have been worse. LOL.

MHN for short said...

Ok. Perhaps I'm a bit daft, but are you referring to the luge competition on the olympics? Was there a major crash? We haven't been watching.

woman/lady, that's as far as we'll get for an age-neutral term for females.

funny thing said...

Ever noticed how men refer to their colleagues as 'girls'?

No one dares do that to me. I'd brain them with a 2x4 with nails poking out of it at all angles. Bit like that bird on Kill Bill.

Wonder if she was hormonal?.......

*wanders off in a sexist kind of way*

Spinsterella said...

The only thing more boring than the Olympics is the fucking Winter Olympics.

Load of absolute bollocks. Especially that Tea-tray shite.

pissoff said...

I prefer chick myself.

WHERE'S THE FUCKING ELF SHORTS Herge. Enough is enough. They were sent over in December. Get your act together man.

Steve said...

The Winter Olympics . . . geeeez I hate them.

But y'know in amany people eyes Aretha Franklin is still a "girl" even though, of course, she is a "Natural Wooooomaaan"

suburban wonder said...

Anything's better than "daft bint."

Hel-loooooo? Is this thing on?

MHN for short said...

Browen, are you still going on a bout "daft-bint"? I did too until I got to know him better. :-)

Andi said...

Elf shorts? Just forward them to Tina but do SOMETHING!

and I have been called a bint before, didn't bother me much.

L said...

it does sound very patronising to me...