Friday, March 24, 2006

And on the subject of Lost...

I'm becoming increasingly annoyed by Lost. Why not stop watching it? I hear you more sensible folk out there say, - 'cause I'm an idiot is my reply.

But seriously, after watching the season conclusion to The Shield yesterday, and being totally bowled over by the intricate plotting and the superlative characterisation (which was never forced or fake) which lead to a grimly inevitable conclusion, Lost in comparison is stripped bare and left for all to see what it truly is - The Emporers new clothes.

People, it's nothing great, it's the 9 seasons McGuffin of the alien storyline that crippled the X-Files - nothing more.

I still watch it though, just in case... 'cause like I said, I'm an idiot.

And as I said before about 24 - man, it's a guilty pleasure (of sorts).

Keep listing your top five shows people - I want to do bit on your choices in a future post.

Now, about Battlestar Galactica...

(Blimey, this blog is rapidly becoming - TV obsessed Chimp - or worse).


suburban wonder said...

Well, anything to provide you with blog fodder, Herge.

1. Survivor
2. American Idol
3. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
4. What Not To Wear
5. House (medical drama - not home improvement)

I shudder to think of what you'll make of this.

MHN for short said...

Hey Pal, I finished scene three. That was FUN! I don't think that I cheered it up any.

OK, fav shows:
1. American Idol
2. Most Haunted
3. What Not To Wear
4. Top Chef
5. Ghost Hunters with Derek Accora

thordora said...

I got into Lost. Then I became Lost because that kind of thing doesn't stay good for long. It inevitably falls into the scifi suckage trap, sadly. Same with Alias, albeit it not scifi, the chick action suckage trap.


5 shows. Shit, do kids shows count?
2. Degrassi, Next Generation (oh so sad but true)

And those are the only shows I watch with any semblance of regularity. oh, those crazy ass weird medical problem shows on TLC are neat "650ilb man can't stop eating-it's in his genes"

hoo boy it's been a long day.

MHN for short said...

Oh wait! I watch Miami Ink a whole lot more than Ghost Hunters!

Bronwen finished her part of the script. I think you'd like it.

Faltanus said...

o.k. so lets you want to do a television show which is 100% about character development. story and plot are secondary, this show is gonna be all about character. now to do this effectively you need a premise that will put a whole bunch of people together who don't know each other. because since the show is all about character development it is just as important that the characters on the show know nothing about each other as it is that the audience know nothing about them. how can you throw a lot of people into a situation where they are virtually strangers, but they will be forced to interact and get to know each other. You put them on an airplane and you have it crash on a deserted island. The setting, the story and the plot are secondary on Lost. Lost is all about character development and THAT the writers are doing brilliantly. If you are tuning in week after week to "see what happens next" you are missing the point, and you are of course, terribly disappointed in the show. If you are tuning in week after week to get to know these people a little bit better, then, like me, you love the show.