Monday, March 27, 2006

Who is Cristina Marquez?

I'm used to spam, as we all are. It's as inevitable as spots on your bum or me never commenting on your blogs. But I've recently had a series of most curious spam emails from a site called addressed to a Cristina Marquez - I am not Cristina Marquez - I am Herge Smith - Angry Chimp - killer of Elf Shorts - Dalek obsessive and Dachshund owner...

So who is Cristina Marquez?

Now, in itself this is no big deal - however, this spam has been generated via an aborted co-op blog that I was briefly engaged in over at Shut the fuck up which I contributed to with none other than miss Cakesniffer herself - or as we've come to know her TINA - crisTINA - see? Do you see? Do ya punk?

And then she posts this - Crazy Hair Seeks Non-Crazy In which she talks about setting an internet dating thing - just like relationship...dum dum duuuumm...




Maybe not...

Mind you, do I actually know Tina's surname and it ain't as far as I've been led to believe Marquez.

(my surname really is Smith btw - as boring as that it.).


Rowan said...

In its commonness, it really is sorta uncommon, the only Smith's I've ever met in my real life, were my husband's aunt and uncle and their two daughters, other than they, I've never really knew even indirectly of the alleged "smith's" nor the "Jones's" for that matter...hrmf!

Sniffy said...

Fuckign weird because my first name is spelt Cristina too. Beeeezar!

garfer said...

People with odd sounding names should be deported instantly.

I've got a mad Ukranian dentist with a huge hooter.

She's attending to the remnants of my molars.

Cristina Marquez said...

I am freaked out...I am Cristina Marquez...I rarely come across anyone with their name spelled exactly like mine without the 'h' or the 'k' and I haven't ran into many Marquez's that's for sure...spooky!