Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Angry Chimp’s 24.

The 197th season of the Fox channels acclaimed extreme paranoia inducing TV show 24 is currently airing in both the US and the UK, and probably a bunch of allied countries as well.

Obviously it has been well documented that 24 is split over 24 individual episodes per season with each episode a ‘real-time’ hour in the life of counter terrorist operative (and occasionally dead) Jack Bauer, (Keifer Sutherland - a man who has spent his entire career in his fathers shadow)

Anyway, I like 24 in an utterly guilty way – it’s total trash and for every 24 I watch I would like an episode of The Shield and Battlestar Galactica to be taken into consideration. (More on Battlestar Galactica next week).

I decided last weekend to have a 24 day. Here’s what happened in the 1st 6 exciting hours.

The following takes place between 6:00am and 12:00pm

6:00am – I was asleep.

7:00am – There was sudden thud on the bed, I awake with a start and shout; “Damn it!”. It’s only Daisy. I put her back into her bed and go back to sleep.

8:00am – I wake brief from a dream which I can’t quite remember but has still made me feel quite anguished. I go back to sleep in moments.

9:00am – Get up and let the dogs out, go back to bed.

10:00am – Awake briefly after hearing terrible low long whines and disturbing scrapping/ scratching noises. Realise that I haven’t let the dogs back in and it’s pouring with rain. I get up and let them in.

11:00am – After an hour of wandering around in ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ T-Shirt and boxers, occasionally scratching myself I finally get it together enough to get a coffee. After the ace injection of caffeine, I jump into gear and pull on some jeans and my converse. With fleece in hand I head out into the world to get Saturday morning essentials – A Guardian, a pain au chocolat, some ciabatta, ham and a cake or two.

12:00pm – Return home and collect wallet. Head back out to the Patisserie.

How very exciting is this special addition of 24 so far? Yes, it is true that I haven’t yet stopped for a loo break, but this will be addressed in part two of
Angry Chimp’s 24!


garfer said...

I concur, apart from the 'Queens of the Stone Age' t shirt and the Guardian.

The prospect of a long, potentially half pissed, afternoon awaits you.

We are all baited breath.

Sniffy said...


I'm glad we're getting this stuff back. Glad we're getting you back.

Hope you're feeling OK, you poor thing. Not the back pain or anything, but two miniature dachshunds, pain au chocolat, Guardian, ciabatta??? Bit queer even for you.

Jane said...

I think it's better than the TV series.

It's certainly funnier

edwaado said...

Ooh, I hope there's a bit of Radio 4 listening coming up!

Spinsterella said...


Queens of the Stone Age, the Guardian, and THREE different types of bakery product.

You're living my dream fantasy life.

(Apart from the dogs though)

Kyahgirl said...

Oh so jealous about all that 'going back to bed' business. sounds great!