Sunday, June 18, 2006

Argentina 6-0 Herge Smith

Back from the World Cup, and to prove I actually went and not just pretending as an excuse not to blog for a couple of days here's my ticket - with my company's names slightly changed.

World Cup ticket

Yep - I saw THE match of the World Cup so far (if you happen to be into that sort of thing - which I ain't). Argentina took on and slaughtered Serbia & Montenegro, which was interesting seeing as how Serbia has so recently been such an expert at slaughter.

The Corporate Hospitality was shockingly exuberant - A PR girl for every Corporate slob, tons of top nosh, big leather seats just a couple of metres from our dining tabel - freebies including caps, document pins and a very fine World Cup commerative wrist watch - Lovely.

Do I feel guilty about being there? A bit, but it was an experience and I did work quite hard on the Thursday night and Friday morning - evening fielding urgent marketing calls upto and during the match.

An example of an urgent marketing call:

My colleague: "Herge, Boring industry magazine monthly have a deadline for that PR piece you promised months ago in just over 10 minutes; have you sent it?"

Me: "Not quite."

My colleague: "Er, how far have you got with it?"

Me: "I thought about it in the shower this morning."

My colleague: "Right, well that's just brilliant. What we gonna do?"

Me: "Just use the one we sent out at Christmas, change the reference point to the World Cup, change the quotation from the Marketing Director to the Sales Director and send a snap of the product from an alternative angle; job done."

My colleague: "Do you think that'll work?"

Me: "Usually does; hold on...."

My colleague: "What? what happened?"

Me: "Sorry, I was just being passed another glass of champagne."

Yep, what a wanker I am, or 'Wichser' as I was often refered to when I was out there.

I did see a shop called 'Pohland', which from a purely moronic Englishman abroad point of view I found hilarious.

Wormland wasn't quite as funny.

Argentina 6-0 Serbia & Montenegro


garfer said...

Lucky bastardo.

Can I have your job?

pissoff said...

You arrogant S.O.B.

Did you have fun? What were the PR girls like?

Herge Smith said...

Garfer - we'll discuss it next week. How's your lying skills?

Pissoff - arrogant? Me? How dare you.

It was very fun actually - it was very fun, but not necessarily because of the corporate hospitality.

The PR girls were exactly as you'd expect - predictably pretty, blonde, thin and the object of attention for ignorant, over weight, pug ugly and drunk 40+ year old buisness wichsers.

weenie said...

Fantastic - I'm so jealous you got a ticket. I would have been happy with any ticket but Argentina were awesome and look like champs already.

Craig said...

I am a bit jealous of all the fun you got to have, but really, I could hardly read the last part of the post because I was laughing so much after this: "...which was interesting seeing as how Serbia has so recently been such an expert at slaughter."

Rowan said...

not that I care about the world cup whatsoever, I am happy to hear you got to hang with the big wigs! Nice!