Friday, June 30, 2006

Revealed at last - What Garfer looks like!!!

Hold up a sec, are those....????

Right, I'm back and with news -

You may recall this...

and this...

Well, after 7 months holiday here in lovely Malvern in Worcestershire (plus a delightful trip up to see Garfer - which I will post more about later) the Freakin Green Elf Shorts are almost... almost ready for the photo comp - it's gonna start tomorrow - so please PLEASE mention it on your blogs and then I can finally get rid of the guilt, erm... I mean lovely elf shorts.



garfer said...

I am constantly amazed by how photogenic I am (when my head is obscured from view).

S.I.D. said...


But damm,I'll miss the compo.

Ah well, there's a few early captions anyway.

"Hmmmm Herge, you smell interesting"

"Hold on...I'm not having that stain next to my skin"

"The label reads only for fat bastards"

"I think these should fit my kebab nicely"

"Reckon I'll get my teacakes in these?

"He lives in Malvern and all I got was these lousy imp shorts"

thordora said...

nice shoes.

Anonymous said...

It's about fucking time.


MHN for short said...

Here's mine, "I have the POWER!!!!!!!!"

Garfers a right skinny guy, innin' he?