Sunday, July 02, 2006

But first this... from Dalek and Cyberman

Well, as it turns out I was right on the money with my predictions for the 2 part finale of this years Doctor Who.

That is of course if I'd actually predicted anything. Regardless, it appears for the first time in TV history the Cybermen and Daleks are joining forces at the suggestion of the Cybermen. Maybe it'll go something like this... (1st published a good few weeks ago)

Dalek and Borg 26a
Dalek and Borg 26b

And that's exactly how next weeks final Doctor Who will play out... just you wait and see.


Dalek on holiday


Honey bee said...

you crack me up, it deffinately brightens up the monday blues reading your blog.
cant wait for the competition.

edwaado said...

Although not sure about the Davros bit. Genesis Ark does kinda suggest a return. Err.. so someone at work was going on about. ..

Rowan said...

heh yeah....for sure....that'll be how it turns out yuh huh!