Monday, July 10, 2006

And the winner is.... is.... is....???

Well it's all over - but boy was it ever close -

For a time it looked very much like Zidane had got it with;

"Sniffy, now stand up and stop being embarrassed. Everyone experiments now and then, even good lesbians.

"Look, I'm even wearing your big green knickers to make you feel more at ease.

"Come on, stop crying and get out of the bushes. I won't tell anyone"

But then there was that headbutt to the sternum and Zidane was out.

2nd place was a tie between Thordora's:

"His personalized rendition of Midsummer's Night's Dream complete, Herge stalked off to torment the BBC with his costuming"

and Garfer's:

"Elvish sex pest on the loose in Ardnamurchan!

Call the cops."

But there had to be a winner, and it was one of three or four on a similar theme - and I selected it purely on the basis that it made me laugh the most 'cause it was so basic, brief and utterly tied into the picture, which are all the right qualities for a great caption -

Elf Shorts
"Oh, I can't; someone's been here already."

Ship Creak is the winner.

In a final act of efficiency, which has so sorely been missing since I took ownership of those shorts now 8 months ago, I have made sure that Ship will have them very very soon. He is now beholden to produce a picture and continue this nonsense.

And thank fuck for that.

Cheers everyone for entering - for those who have never won - truly, in a very real way you are the winners.

Good night all.


edwaado said...

Blimey does that mean he'll actually post something soon?

cali said...

I was gonna enter the competition myself, but i felt so sure that ZZ would win it that i didn't bother - c'est la guerre, huh?
*stamps on competitor's groin in frustration*

DrMax said...

Thank GOD I didn't win.

thordora said...

SOOO close.

Ship's was the best. and now he has to wear the damn things. HA!

Rowan said...

yay I didn't win!
I keep secretly hoping I wont

MHN for short said...

I'm so glad that Ship won. It was the funniest!! Good job, Herge!

Now send those freakin' shorts over so we can try at Ship's place!

Ship Creak said...


Melissa said...

please update Im so bored at work I need something funny to read!
how about your views on the new superman!!!!

Zidane said...

What?!! I demand a recount. There must have been hanging chads on the ballots.