Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A gig for the British Isles 6


Fields hot1

Fields hot2

Fields hot3


Fields hot5


Fields hot6


Fields hot7

Fields hot8


Fields hot9

Fields hot10a

Fields hot11

Fields hot12a

Fields hot13

Fields hot15

Fields hot17

Fields hot18


Fields hot19


garfer said...


Youngsters like you pretending to remember the summer of '76. I had several fanzines going at the time .

That Chrissie Hynde was a superb shag.

suburban wonder said...

Chissie Hynde, PJ Harvey - is there any skank you're not attracted to?

I was 6 years old in 1976, so I don't remember squat.

(this is bronwen, by the way. I had to change my blog address & name - I'm going incognito)

MHN for short said...

Yep, the summer of '76 was hot, but nothing like it's been here. Heat index of 105F.

Haven't ventured out in a couple of days.

Welcome to Houston. It's not the heat that will kill you; it's the humidity!

pissoff said...

The summer of '76... he wouldn't know anything about it. Youngster.

Now, I can tell you stories of '76.

Sniffy said...

Oh yeah, and 1975. They were hot alright!

Hr har har, humidity. "I can't cope with the heat over here. I know it gets hotter abroad, but it's dry heat there. Over here it's kind of humid. I'm really thirsty, I need a cup of tea - it's the only thing that quenches my thirst."

Around the UK, millions of people are uttering those very words.

Fuckign whinging cunts.

Sniffy said...

For more UK Whinging about the weather, check out the BBC's Have your say debate today. There are some classics, including:

"For someone who's lived most of their life in Australia, 30+ temperatures are nothing to complain about. We seem to have a 40+ day at least once a year."

The problem is about humidity. I was more comfortable when travelling around the Sahara as that is a dry heat.

James Nicolson, London, United Kingdom


Can we PLEASE all stop arguing about the topless issue? I'm getting horrible flashbacks of the beast-man-woman-thing I passed on the way to work this morning...

Neko Bazu

DrMax said...

Can't remember how hot is was here in the States in 76, all I remember is we made a big to-do about the 200th anniversary of getting out from under Britain's thumb.