Friday, August 04, 2006

Gort Nano asks...

Gort Nano does his best, but even his best seems to be far short of the mark.

You may find his mechanical longing annoying, pathetic and artificial, but the truth is he is only struggling with the same questions that we all struggle with - only he has no friends to act as counsel, no guidance from flesh and blood parents.

He has only clockwork intuition; and no one to wind his key.

His quest for answers continues despite his fear that the answers may never come...

Gort Nano Who am I

Gort Nano Who am I 2

Gort Nano Who am I 3

Gort Nano Who am I 4

Gort Nano Who am I 5

Gort Nano Who am I 6

Nil desperandum Gort Nano, nil desperandum.


Sniffy said...

There's a little bit of Gort Nano in all of us.

Nice photography. I like that.

Craig said...

Ah, Gort we all ask ourselves these same questions all the time. Especially the last one.

DrMax said...

Ahh little Gort, the mysteries of existance are torture enough for any robot, don't try to make sense of Lost.