Thursday, August 03, 2006

A very short story about nothing much, but with a happy ending

It was a beautiful summers evening, the sort of evening you dreamt about all through the long cold and wet winter months. The air was still, yet comfortably warm; the sun was starting to set, leaving behind it a glorious orangey glow.

‘How utterly divine’, Ruby thought as she sat on the edge of the little stone bridge that lent across from North field to South field like an elderly gentleman trying to fish his wallet from his wife’s handbag in the bottom of the shopping trolley.

With her feet paddling in the gentle stream, Ruby had spent the past hour watching bewitched as the Swallows darted and dived at hypnotic speed above her. She had momentarily felt such a part of their simple world that she feared to move in case it may in someway disturb the little birds from this joyous dance.

She smiled her biggest and brightest smile, which was not an inconsiderable thing as she had the biggest and brightest smile county-wide; a smile that some would say could make even the most twisted and cynical man grin like a new born baby.

She gracefully rose to her feet, slipped on her pink flowery sandals and began to slowly stroll through the field that ran up to old weather-beaten farmhouse.

Her glittering blue eyes watered as she considered how lucky she was that she was she alive and able to fully experience such joyous peace.

Despite all the terrible things that the people of the world continuously did to one another in their selfish drive to satisfy base desire and misguided theologies, Ruby knew that she had managed to find true happiness and she had found it within herself, the one place most never thought to look.

Now she was on her way back home to spend time with her beloved rabbit, ‘the perfect end to a wonderful evening’, she thought with a grin.


Anonymous said...

You must have similarities with Ruby to write such a beautiful story.

Herge Smith said...

No. No I don't. I just have a wild imagination.

Rainypete said...

I tried lookin into myself for happiness but all I could see in the mirror was my teeth and tongue as that was the only orifice I dared point the mirror at.

Sniffy said...

Hrrrm, was it a wild and manic grin that was provoked by thoughts of an evening with her rabbit?

OMG!!!! I've just realised what sort of rabbit you meant, you dirty bastard.