Monday, August 14, 2006

Gort Nano asks...

You know we have all felt lonely from time to time.

We can even feel lonely when we are with others who care for us; friends, family, lovers...

Gort Nano feels lonely. His mission to find answers has been tough, and so far fruitless. Yet, he continues his lonely quest, not just because he is programmed to; but because he has a good (mechanical) heart.

Now finally it seems his quest may be at an end...

Gort Nano are you God1

Gort Nano are you God

Gort Nano are you God2

Gort Nano are you God3

Gort Nano are you God4

Gort Nano are you God5

Gort Nano are you God6

Gort Nano are you God7

Gort Nano are you God8

Gort Nano are you God9

Gort Nano are you God10

Gort Nano are you God11

Gort Nano are you God13

Gort Nano are you God14

Gort Nano are you God12

It's been a harsh lesson for Gort Nano, but at least he now knows the answers to his questions will not come from above.

We're praying for you Gort Nano, peace be with you my robotic child.


DrMax said...

Little bugger still looks determined there Herge, I think he'll be OK.

P.S. Thought that might be you too in the new letterhead, but maybe not.....don't see the elf shorts.

Craig said...

Perhaps he's unhappy, because his God is battery powered.

garfer said...

That was a bit existential for me.

I'm off to play scalextrix.

Rainypete said...

Poor little guy . All that way for naught. That'll improve his mood you can be sure.

Rowan said...

I've often imagined a similar convo with God, and I expected an answer something like that...

Oh and I meant to tell ya before, I like your new template/changes.

Ma xx said...

Yes, I will make sure the place is clean and tidy for your visit on Thursday, you whinging old b*stard. Harsh, but fair.

Ma xx

Sniffy said...

Fantastic. Brilliant. Stupendous.

Ship Creak said...

Does someone have a new camera? Or did a friend who has a new camera come round and have it stolen off them?