Monday, April 17, 2006

The Middle Class Child - 6.3.18

big red book

Esmé enjoyed Easter very much indeed; particularly the organic hot cross buns and fair-trade chocolate Easter egg.

Lizzie her Mummy explained to Esmé now aged 6 years, 3 months and 18 days, that Easter was a Christian religious festival which celebrated the death and then the resurrection of a person called Jesus Christ who claimed to be the Son of God and who may or may not have lived many years ago.

As her Mummy explained this to Esmé she showed her pictures from three of the large red encyclopaedias that form the backbone of what her parents call the ‘educational section’ of the library in her Daddy’s study.

“Is this all true?” Esmé asks her Mummy.

Lizzie thinks for a moment before answering, “That is a decision only you can make Esmé, I’m merely giving you the information available so that you can make up your own mind”.

Esmé is not sure what she is supposed to think about Easter, but as long as she gets fair-trade chocolate Easter eggs and organic hot cross buns she decides she’ll believe in it and promptly tells her Mummy so.

Oddly, upon hearing Esmé’s declaration that she indeed believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, her Mummy looks somewhat disappointed. However, Esmé soon forgets all about this as she tucks into the final piece of chocolate egg.


DrMax said...

I sense you're NOT into holidays Herge.

Rowan said...

hrmf...ain't that the way though? You tell them what you think they want to hear, to get what you want and it invariably backfires on ya.

garfer said...

I am convinced that Esme will grow up to become a Guardian reading ecolologist and convert to Islam and take up the veil.