Thursday, April 06, 2006

Uncle Wassisname

I had an Uncle many years ago.
He drove up from London in his white car with my Auntie.

He wasn't really my Uncle,
he was my Fathers Uncle. My Great Uncle.

My Sister and I called him Uncle Wassisname,
because he could never remember anyones names.

He'd say, "I said to, erm wassisname,
I said to him, I said, y'know I saw, er... wassisname...?

We laughed and laughed as my Mum and Dad
tried to piece the story together as Uncle Wassisname told it.

Over the years it took Uncle Wassisname longer and longer to find Malvern
Despite the road networks improving considerably.

And he seemed to be forgeting more and more,
With his stories becoming utterly incomprehensible.

One day my Mum told us that Uncle Wassisname had Alzheimer's,
We didn't call him Uncle Wassisname after that.

In fact, it wasn't long after that that he died.
I can't for the life of me remember his real name now.


MHN for short said...

sad, innit???

edwaado said...

Was his name Whojamaflip? Or perhaps part of the Whatever-yabloodynameis clan?

Sniffy said...

That's really moving...
Compared to April's latest offering!

Rowan said...

Ironic really.

Faltanus said...

that's a really nice little post there Herge....brief but personal and packs a good punch.

suburban wonder said...

I like it - it's bleak, yet touching.

plzkwg, dahling.

garfer said...

Wassisname sounds like an ancient Burmese sage.

I could found a cult centred on Buckfast and chuffers. I know the lingo.

Ship Creak said...

A rare introspective post from Herge, there...