Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The odd house - a poem

I say have you seen,
The cheese mezzanine?
Or the lean-to,
Made from poo?
And what did you make,
Of the stairs built with cake?
The kitchen formed with wax
I admit, has drawbacks,
But the egg shell den
Had a great sense of zen.
After the week I spent there,
I simply didn't care,
The toilet, crafted from rice.
Was home to some mice.
And the lawn nice and green,
Was in a shape quite obscene.


Ship Creak said...

Erm... Yeah... You been smokin that shit again, Herge? Too much nostaligia, my old friend...

BTW, if I'm the first comment, does this mean that, like with your other posts, that it'll be the last one? Just recently I seem to do the blog-comment equivalent of saying the wrong thing rather too loudly at a dinner party just as the music goes off.

Ship Creak said...

Well I did it. I changed my avatar. Happy now?

Rowan said...


Anonymous said...

You are the king Herge.

BTW... have you chucked the elf shorts?


MHN for short said...

Sounds like my back yard. Nice and green and quite obscene!

The poem, I likey, likey!

suburban wonder said...

Reminds me of Shel Silverstein. I like it!