Monday, January 23, 2006

Name the robot.

Yes folks, your chance to be a little part of blogging history!

All you need to do is looking at the friendly little automated fella in the photo below and give him a fitting moniker.

Name the robotname the robot 2

In contrast to the recent caption comp which has caused uproar, prompted angry declarations of dissatisfaction with the judgement and most heinously of all, divided friendships... I will merely list the names suggested in a subsequent post and throw it open to a popular vote to decided my tin chums new handle.

And then he will forever be known by that name, as will his first adventures due to kick off right here, at Angry Chimp in a month or so...


suburban wonder said...

Pee wee
Mr. Pickles
Wee Dram
Air J

DrMax said...

Gort Nano

Sniffy said...

Metal mickey... do i need to read the question again?

Sniffy said...

Private Iron (been done - Spaced)

I, Nobrot

Alex M said...

I think he should be called "Zprzzzkt" He looks a bit like a Zprzzzkt, I think.

Anonymous said...

Angry chip?

Anonymous said...

Actually, maybe Angry Gimp's better.

thordora said...


Faltanus said...

Little Gear Head (LGH for short)
Dalek Spunk

Rowan said...

tito, don't know why, he just looks like one.

Lovebot. oh the things our herge could do.

Rowan (self-deprecating humour hurt no one)

Isilwen (MUME nick see item directly above)

Gizmo (as in the Mogwai)

Little Guy (as in Batteries not Incl.)

Rocky (due to his movements)

IDK....hey, that's a great one!

Alex M said...

Kill-o-tron 9000

Spirit Of Owl said...

Darth TitchyBot
TARDIS (Tiny And Relatively Dim In Sircuitry)

Rainypete said...


Chimp-o-bot 9000



cali said...

I, Fuckhead.
Robbie the Fuckhead.
Tinribs, aka Fuckhead.
My first tin chum, Fuckhead.
Fuckhead dreams of Electric Sheep.

S.I.D. said...

I cunt

edwaado said...

I have to say he looks like a fella, although I think they've stuck his winky on the wrong side. And did someone tread on it?

Anyway I have loads of favourite names (Barry, Charlie, Kevin, George, Bill, Gerry, and Colin) but none of these remarkably suitable for a robot (although come to think of it I'm coming around to Gerry).

I was going for simplicity with 10100110 but perhaps that was a little too simple. So I upped my game (but not by much) to come up with


frankly that's the best you'll get from me - to no surprise.

Sniffy said...

What were the names of those robots at James Henry's site? Couldn't you nick one of those names? You know, the blue cat things.

Ho ho, How much did your blood pressure rise with that suggestion?

I'd name it after the owl in Clash of the Titans, but I can't remember its name. I'm sticking with I, Nobrot.

Sniffy said...

Osama Bin Lidon

edwaado said...

Tina, wasn't that something like Tito? I think Rowan suggested that. I've no doubt Herge knows. But will he tell..?

Sniffy said...

Oh, it's not what I thought then. Although "Tit" is always a good name for anything.

funny thing said...


Anonymous said...

I'm with spirit. Call it Tina and maybe then she won't feel so starved of attention.

dzogawbm - is it me or are these WVs getting longer?

Sniffy said...

You calling me a bloody robot now?


Ship Creak said...

Compact Unmanned Nonsentient Technobot

Keith from Minnesota said...

Chuckles. He looks a lot like Chucklebot on Achewood.

Spirit Of Owl said...

Osama Tin Hardon

Anonymous said...


Actually, I quite like Parp. Forget the other two.

Inexplicable DeVice - that's me, not another name for the robot...

S.I.D. said...


mfs said...

Whindey Key. Of the Key family from Hard Ware. (dreamer)

Sniffy said...

Or on SID's theme, how about "Mongy" or "Minger"

Anonymous said...

Thelonious Boxface