Sunday, January 01, 2006

Why are they clapping?

Yesterday evening I am watching the TV review of the year (another quality BBC production which my licence fee pays for) presented by the painfully ubiquitous designer fop Jonathan Ross and they do a segment on July.

Inevitably, the piece focuses on the bombings in central London on July 7th 2005. In particular, a youngish survivor of the bombings, a woman who had both legs from the knees down blown off.

This woman in the package about July 7th 2005 talks about how life is precious and how this will not stop her fully living her life to the full, in fact she simply trots out the same old clich├ęs we expect to hear from anyone who has sailed close to death and lived to tell the tale.

I’m not without empathy; otherwise, I would be a robot, which I am not. So I feel empathy for her obviously, but only because I don’t want to have my legs blown off. But when Ross introduces her to the audience of media whores and z-grade lowbrow celebrities they clap and cheer, even more than they do for Billie Piper – who arguably is more deserving – after all she did sleep with that odious sociopath self publicist Chris Evans.

However, the question is why did they clap and cheer with such enthusiasm?

All she did was not die.

Did they clap and cheer because she was so brave? – Right, so if she’d crawled onto stage and screamed in pain and anguish that some bastards had caused her to lose a couple of major bits of her body we’d not been so impressed?

Did they clap and cheer because she represents our trademark ‘stiff upper lip’ in the face of a nefarious foreign horror (or as it turns out, completely home-grown)? Hmm… If it were me, I would have screamed out –


But no, she made no reference to the War, the Government or why she’d been blown up. Which was odd, because (very) arguably, without the invasion of Iraq, the subsequent War, the lies of Blair, the Judo-Christian centric right-wing strike on Islam and the media’s slavish following of the company line, she’d probably still need to wear shin guards when playing football.

No. They’re cheering because exactly like me they are thinking;

1. Fucking hell, I’m glad it wasn’t me.
2. Fuck me; I hope she doesn’t make a scene and start crying.
3. Blimey, she’s tiny compared to Jonathan Ross; does she have her falsies on?
4. Fucking hell, I’m really glad it wasn’t me.
5. Isn’t there a war still going on in Iraq where people are being killed daily all for the sake of profit?

Actually, let’s face it, none of the cunts that were there celebrating TV give a flying fuck about the War. Plus, it’s always much more tragic when a slightly photogenic middleclass white woman gets hurt than any number of towel heads, right? Or for that matter teenage military grunts from the projects and council estates of the UK and US.

But then I currently still have my legs so we really who the cunt here is, right?


Rainypete said...

That's the media for you. They train their monkeys to dance and when the organ begins grinding, we throw our brains in the hat. This delicate process creates the overprocessed mind of modern society, without whom we'd be buried in kindness andsocial responsibility. Who'd want to caught up in a terrifying world like that ya?

Aginoth said...

I agree...there is a twisted view of bravery and heroism in this country...

Is it Brave to have your legs blown it is an unfortunate tragedy, the bravery comes in the form of the rescuers.

And don't get me started on Sporting Heroes...what exactly is heroic aboutbeing paid £20k a week to kick a ball around a pitch?

Oh and Happy New Year :o)

L said...

You always hit the nail on the head...
oh, and happy new year

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Ow! ouch! No doubt Tony Blair will be exclaiming this right now with your oh-so-funny!!!!!! and oh-so-witty!!!!!! look at the media.

I am an Iraqi, and can speak about the situation with more understanding than you can.

I have lived away from my home country for many years, and it angers me when people like YOU tell ME what is good for MY people and MY country.

Yes, yes, George Bush is an asshole, but no one else was going to rid MY country of the cancer it has suffered for decades.

As for Blair - you should be happy to live in a land where you can criticise the head of state, and still keep your head. Ho-ho!

I agree that terrible things are happening, but you know, war is ugly business. The majority of the atrocities in Iraq are done by foreign Wahabist agitators against my people, who have suffered enough already.

The London bombers did not discriminate when they detonated themselves, and no doubt there were anti-war people who died (Allah, please take care of them all). Those bastards would have done this war or no war.

From what I gather, pre 1997, Britain was a shitty place to live with a shitty Conservative government. I hope for your sake that when it's time for your general election you think twice before punishing Blair, or you can say hello to the Conservatives and goodbye to your NHS and welfare benefits for the poor. I hope that you and others like you are able to live with that.

Herge Smith said...

Anon - and it's always anon isn't it? - strange that. What in the name of God, Allah or FUCK are you bleating about?

When did I tell you what is good for you? Don't recall that, do recall suggesting that not mentioning the reason behind a LONDON BASED atrocity and then cheering and clapping someone for not dying as a result is fucking ridiculous - as Aginoth points out, the rescuers are brave, risking their lives to help others not the surviours who are just damaged.

And if we weren't engaged in war which is being waged not for anyones liberty (this will be a happy buy product if it does work out) but for profit.

And if you don't believe that try reading a book - we have loads over here and the only censorship they face is based on our continual dumbing down of our culture coupled with market forces capitalism.

Clever books are not very popular, unlike those about Wizards and thirty soemthing singletons.

Anyway, back to the War - what in the name of God, Allah or FUCK are you bleating about? Seriously?

Thanks for rolling out the classic - "You're luckly you live in a land where you can critise" it is THE MOST MORONIC ARGUEMENT IN THE WESTERN WORLD always showing up when some unthing reactionary drone has no other arguement available to them - I'm not luckly at all, luck has nothing to do with it. I am where I am - I critise not because I am luckly - BUT BECAUSE IT'S MY FUCKING RIGHT!

George Bush may have rid you of a cancer, but sadly the scares of the operation run very very deep. And Iraqs freedom will now be to choose between shopping at KFC or McDonalds, all the while having the oil which is geographically located under your land pilfered and used to fuel our SUVs. Freedom in a can.

As for pre 1997 - what in the name of FUCKING CHRIST are you talking about - we've barely got an NHS now, and as for benefits - don't make me fucking laugh. Atleast the conservatives told you they were screwing you - Labour slipped us all some rohypnol back in 1997 and only now are we waking up to what they've done to us.

This is about the media, and it's slavish addiction to profitable sentimentality over real news, and grown up journalism.

And finally, thanks for the comment about the post being funny and witty - just the tone I was going for.

Hey, maybe if you guys in Iraq laughed a bit more back in the day maybe you'd be better of now - just a thought. (Possibly racist I know, but I can't be right-on all the time - It's exhausting).

Anonymous said...

Herge, Herge, Herge - calm down my friend. Maybe the Rohypnol that the Labour party has apparently administered has not taken full effect upon you.

You seem to be an angry young fellow, and one that is not able to listen to the opinion of others. Maybe you should join the Taleban or an equally dangerous and myopic party like Respect or Socialist Worker.

Yes, it is your democratic right to be obnoxious, vile and rude - and I am glad to live in a country where that can happen.

Hmmm, KFC or McDonalds? I grant you, this is a much better choice than having your wife raped by dogs or your children stamped on. Ronald McDonalds will win for me though - I never have liked chicken.

I actually see the point of what you have to say about the use of sentimentality in the media. But you are very short sighted to think that the liberation of Iraq is what spurred the London bombers to murder.

Thank you for reminding me about books. Obviously, to you, I am just a simple immigrant, I would not know of such things. Reading through your reply, it is quite apparent that just below the surface of your 'liberal' skin, a racist lives within you.

You see, you white men have always told us what is best for people like me. A racist statement, and a sweeping generalisation? Perhaps.

It amazes me that Westerners who enjoy freedoms that people quite literally die for in oppressed countries think that our human rights are different from yours, and therefore we should put up with dictators like Saddam, Mugabe, leaders of countries like Rwanda, Sudan, and mosta Arab states.

Tell me, why should Britain and US have allowed Saddam to oppress my people instead of liberating us? Your previous governments kept Saddam in power. Now Blair and Bush have tidied up their mistakes.

I for one, am always ready to hear informed opinion. And unlike you, I have no need to resort to profane language, blasphemy or as you have put it 'possible' racist comment.

You are right, we should have laughed a little more in Iraq. Laughing makes you inhale deeper. All the better for the gas to kill you quicker!

And yes, until I am able to feel safe within myself (which might be many years, or never, considering what I have experienced in my life), it will always be Anon with me. Horrible, I know - but thankfully you will never have to find out.

I grow weary of people like you.

Herge Smith said...

Weary? yet you visit and write a 2nd time? Hmm, interesting... you love it really, don't you? Admit it, deep down inside...a dirty little thrill - making you all angry and letting you vent - don't be shy. We're all friends here, despite our differences in opinion.

Racist? how? What my post modern ironic satire on inherent white liberal causal rascism at the end of the comment there ... what? you didn't pick up on that?

Profane language, blasphemy - hey again with attempting to take the moral high ground - thing is, your comments still say FUCK YOU no matter how you dress it, so don't give any o that shit. (or do, it's up to you)

Also - "Thank you for reminding me about books. Obviously, to you, I am just a simple immigrant, I would not know of such things." is such a cliche I can't even begin to explain how irritating it is. You knew when you wrote that it was weak, come on...just trying to get a bit of a rise aren't we now?

And as for suggesting this makes me a racist - I maybe a hypocritical reactionary nitwit but frankly I couldn't give a fig what colour or religion you are.

Hypocritical reactionary nitwits come in all colours and creads, holy and heathen alike - that's the joy and that's the irony.

Britain and US should never have allowed Saddam to oppress the people of Iraq or indeed anyone, but THEY DID for years and don't be now thinking we are LIBERATING IRAQ because Bush and Blair are sparkly eyed boyscouts - We may say we love Iraq, but really just want to get into her knickers.

As for the Congo and Rwanda and the Sudan? Yep, agree 100%. But we simply don't care enough, not enough oil. Remember former Yugoslavia, and how the UN had to stand by and watch thousands of Muslims be slaughtered? Yep didn't want to get involved 'cause of the
big lack of what's in it for us.

And as for 'You see, you white men have always told us what is best for people like me. A racist statement, and a sweeping generalisation? Perhaps" Again I agree. 99.9% of all the ills in the world are caused by or have been directly affected by white men. Although, 'you white men' is a little harsh... I'm more of a dirty yellow colour if the truth be known, such is the complexity of my ethnic heritage.

Oh and one final point -

You said; "I actually see the point of what you have to say about the use of sentimentality in the media. But you are very short sighted to think that the liberation of Iraq is what spurred the London bombers to murder."

I say; "My eye sight is perfect as it happens".

Thanks for the time you've taken to leave comments. I really (seriously) do appreciate them. But can I leave you with this -

There will be funnier Dalek related stuff coming up in the future. I try to cater for all tastes here.

So long Anon - maybe I'll see you here again, after all I have another post about hostages and the media to publish in a minute - judging by your reaction to this post I'm certain it'll tick you off.

Saturnyne said...


Herge Smith said...

Bastard. Was that you then?

aginoth said...

Dude, it was me. Sorry, just could not resist it. I knew you was a gullible SOB. Really sorry man! I went a little too far - and so did you. Can't blame you though. :(

Herge Smith said...

Right, now I don't know who to trust.

So, no change there then.

Blimey, you do one occasional semi serious piece...

You're all bloody buggers. Funny though, had a feeling with all the rehetoric, hence my change in tone 2nd comment round... still didn't call it though, wasn't sure.

Good one

aginoth said...

We all need a little kick in the backside, don't we. Also, I guessed it was you fannying around with my blog. Wink, wink! Let's call it quits now. :)

Herge Smith said...

Well as much as that is true - and rightly kicked, sorry to report any shenanigans at yours was not I.

aginoth said...

I know! I made that bit up.

I am a complete and utter TEAPOT!!!!!

Whoop, whoop, whoop!!

You are still a nitwit though.

Whhhhhooooooooooooooooop! (Whoop!).


Angela Holden said...

Ahem....... a new series to start soon - Blog Baiters.

Sniffy said...

You know, I watched that and was horrified when they dragged that poor woman out on stage too. My immediate reaction was "Why on earth are they doing this? What are they trying to achieve?" I too was stunned. When you see folk like this, you are humbled by their own triumphs over such personal disasters. It's true that not everybody (myself included) would react so positively if faced with such adversity. But dragging yourself about in an act of defiance is a bit odd. I guess that was her choice and her decision.

I think the people that carried out the london bombings were just nutters who use any act of "oppression" by the west against their "global muslim brothers and sisters" to blow people up. It's about time muslims stopped acting like such fucking victims and got on with their lives by doing something constructive about the state of things in muslim countries rather than their first reaction of whinging or blowing things up. Fucking hell, if they want victims, they should look at the Jews.