Thursday, January 05, 2006

Please don’t pooh-pooh my poo poo.

toilet paper

Please don’t pooh-pooh my poo poo.
But say, “oui oui” to my wee wee.
I beg; please don’t renege,
On your offer to proffer,
Loo paper, the bum scrapper.
Tar very much, that was close.


edwaado said...

I'm afraid the paper I must pooh-pooh
For me it's moist wipes after #2

suburban wonder said...

Hee hee! You said poo!

Is English loo paper really rougher than its American equivalent? Would you know?

aaezocqv - fuck me, that's long!

Anonymous said...

loo loo poo in my loo
loo loo poo in my loo
loo loo poo in my loo
poo in my loo my dar-ling

hippo gnu ear two ewes


Rainypete said...

I feel I mustr wipe my bottom with this post, but the monitor cable will not reach.

Faltanus said...

poo is fine,
poo is dandy,
both paper and wet wipes
i like to keep handy.

Sniffy said...

Surely you need to use standard loo roll before a wetwipe though, otherwise it'd just slide about? I need to consult with "You are what you shite", it has all the best tips for dealing with poo problems.

Herge, you meant "scraper" not "scrapper" I assume?

Faltanus said...

Tina: most definitely. dry wipe first, then moist wipe.

MHN for short said...

Aass you are quite funny!!!

I'm giggling over here.

wvw: tkxs pu
almost "thanks poo".

MHN for short said...

Sorry Aas, I didn't mean to add that extra "s".

Rowan said...

umm, and where did this post come from? Strange...