Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Suffering at the hands of a snappy comeback.

Colleague: (Speaking to another colleague) ... and he killed her and her whole family...

Me: (Butting in) What was that?

Colleague: You wouldn't have seen it.

Me: Seen what?

Colleague: I'm not telling you, you always slag off anything I watch.

Me: That's 'cause you watch loads of shit on telly.

Colleague: See, that's why I'm not telling you.

Me: Go on, I promise I won't say anything.

Colleague: Okay, did you see that programme last night about Gangsters?

Me: No, I'd never watch anything like that.

Colleague: Why not?

Me: I simply abhor the glorification of violence.

Colleague: But you like Daleks!


On a not unrelated issue, please do ensure you have a go at naming this wee fella for me. If you win you will of course have the honour of becoming part of Angry Chimp history.

Name the robot 4

Enter here.


edwaado said...

Is that a Le Creuset pot?

Sniffy said...

You're having a fucking laugh!

funny thing said...

Tina, you are a philistine. Le Creuset is Top Banana.
Just admit it.. you're just too weak and therefore are a weak link in the evolutionary chain and should be culled along with grey squirrels.

suburban wonder said...

Amen, Funny Thing! Very sly, Herge.


this is my next suggestion, as well as the word verification.

Sniffy said...

Le Creuset are shit and for posers. Get some proper pans.

funny thing said...

I have never posed next to a saucepan.

Sniffy said...

I bet you are a poser though, FT. You seem the type.

Faltanus said...

emulating his idol arnold schwarzenager in Terminator 2, little dalek spunk is going to end his existence by submerging himself in a crucible of moltent steel (no doubt believing he will save humanity from a world in which the robots have taken over). lacking both a crucible and moltent steel, he has decided that a Le Creuset pot full of boiling pasta will have to do.

Ship Creak said...

still going with Compact Unmanned Nonsentient Technobot.

It is Le Creuset, too. You should see Herge's colinder...

Sniffy said...

i'd love to see all of Herge's appliances and labour-saving devices.

The Toothfairy said...

is this the colander that he's never used?

Sniffy said...

The very same one, apparently. Alessi, don't you know.

mfs said...

What are you doing with Tinas' crock????