Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All at sea (man!)

August 29th.

We've had confirmation that we are due to set sail August 29th from Le Havre aboard the CMA CGM RIGOLETTO for about 25 days, arriving at Port Klang in Malaysia at the end of September.

Very exciting. We'll have a twin-bedded cabin about 24 metres sq, which isn't a bad size. The boat also has a little gym, swimming pool and library (although as a French freighter I suspect a lot of the books will be in frenchie).

Keeping busy

Being at sea for almost a month is going to be quite the experience, and hopefully a positive one. I've previously never been at sea for longer than 12 hrs. I'm fairly certain i don't have sea legs so I imagine at first puking will be a big feature during choppy weather. I read an article by some dude that had also done this crossing who said that you puke until you think you're about to die, and then you realise that you won't. Most reassuring. 

I am taking my laptop on the boat and intend to do some writing during the trip. I already have a couple of ideas, but I'm going to settle for nothing less than the 'Great British Novel', tentatively titled -

"I tried for a bit, but it was exhausting, so I gave up" by Herge Smith 

That should capture the national zeitgeist; should be a belter. 


garfer said...

Rum, sodomy, and the lash. Mark my words.

Being a Frenchie barge they'll make you eat unhealthy stuff in sauces and blow Gauloise smoke in your gob for being an Eeeengleesh.

Wouldn't stowing away have been more romantic (and safer)?

MJ said...

I finally get to meet you and now you're flouncing off again.

You're as bad as Garfer.

Herge Smith said...

Garfer - rum, sodomy and the lash doesn't actually sound that bad, all things considered.

The frenchie food may be an issue mind.

MJ - most touching but I'm planning to continuing blogging during my journey (actual journey - not some self discovery journey!).

As far as being as bad as Garfer, I take that as a compliment.

pissoff said...

August 29 - Sniffy's birthday.

Watch out for the shippies they're always looking for fresh meat.

If I were you I'd invest in an epirb.

Herge Smith said...

Lovely April... how are you? I was very sad to see I missed your visit to the UK.

Sniffy said...

Yes, my birthday!

Frenchies eh? Bastards. Unless you're coming home on the same boat, make sure it sinks once you've finished with it.

spleenal said...

You're going to capture the national zeitgeist from inside a boat in the middle of the sea?
I thought the national zeitgeist was in night clubs raving to Justin Timberlake.

I caught the zeitgeist once, but I killed it and ate it. Because I didn't know what it was.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

A month on a boat? Oh you poor thing. I expect to see pics of you vomiting your testicles up at some point.

I have no sea legs. The shortest hourney across water will have me barfing for Britain.

I have no envy of you at this moment.

ps - can you record some of the sound effects you make whilst vomiting? I need something amusing to listen to.

pps - I've heard, from many, that 'Sea-Bands' (those wee elasticated bands that put pressure on a point on the wrist) work wonders.

May be worth taking some, just in case.

Herge Smith said...

Sea bands? - Is that like the one that you out on your wangle to stop yourself 'finishing', except in this case you don't throw up?

Thanks for the advice P&T

Spleenal old buddy, I've zero chance of capturing the national zeitgeist - doesn't stop me trying...

'Raving to Timberlake'? Oh dear, you should never have eaten the previous zeitgeist, it may have been better than this one.

Betty said...

Longest I've ever spent on a boat was on a coastal tour of Gran Canaria for a few hours. Horrible - queasiness, tedium, and, worst of all, I kept seeing elderly naturists fishing and having picnics inland.

Still, I'm sure your jaunt will be much more enjoyable, hem hem.

Herge Smith said...

'Elderly naturists' - that will definitely make me sick.