Thursday, May 15, 2008

You may feel a bit of a prick...


Captain America juice

I’ve just had the first round of vaccinations for my trip. The nurse at my conveniently placed local practice (literally 30 seconds from where I live) has given me an extensive list of potential hazardous illness I will need to be protected from if I’m to emerge at all from my hermetically sealed suit whilst in South East Asia.

This feels like the first real step to going traveling, before it was all talk, now I’m getting dosed up with drugs – yeah! 

So, today I had Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio in one arm and one of three syringe full of Hepatitis B in the other, presumably both arms were used so that I don’t become unbalanced with all the extra fluid in each arm – not sure you can tell, but I’ve had no formal medical training.

I now have the following to look forward to over the next two months – 


Hepatitis A

More Hepatitis B

Japanese B encephalitis (I asked for the British one but it wasn’t available)

Malaria (actually just tablets)

Yellow Fever (an absolute must and a pre-requisite for freighter travel through the Suez Canal)

And good old Rabies

Had a discussion with my Girlfriend, Loulou, who suggests that we give Rabies and Japanese B a miss on the basis that it would cost us to get the jabs despite the fact that we probably don’t need them and in the event of a bite from a rabid beastie (you’re okay-ish if you can get medical treatment within the first 24 hours of a mauling) the Rabies jab would only give us an additional 24 hrs to get help.

I had a think about it then I pointed out that we rarely if ever complain about the cost of stuff we routinely waste our money on, like over priced meals, ridiculous hotel rooms or indeed socks (more on socks another time), so to give the jabs a miss - these things that would potentially protect us from illness and death, due to the cost was a bit daft.

“Hmm…” was the reply.

It’s so rare that I’m this logical or rational, think maybe the DIP/TET/IPV + Hep B are having an effect already. 


garfer said...

All those jabs will be worth it just to don a headband and run around in the Vietnamese rainforest waving a plastic M16.

That and the Thai ladyboys.

Sniffy said...

Not forgetting stephacockaliticus.

You're more at risk from pirates of the high seas. Yarrrr!!!!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Speaking of high seas, I hear scurvy is very popular at the moment. Have you looked into vit C tablets?

Herge Smith said...

Garfer!!!! How are you Sir?

I think a wide berth from the Ladyboys, or a condom for your wangle if you just can't resist is the only defense.

Am looking forward to waving my M16 about mind you.

Sniffy - You know, I asked about Stepacockaliticus and the nurse just looked at me blankly. The Pirates are a concern mind you, seriously.

Good day to you inexplic, apparently they have cooks on board with varying skills so i think Vit C tablets are a good shout!

spleenal said...

Where'd you get all the money for all the traveling.
You sold your house right?
Are you spending your house?

Herge Smith said...

Yes, I'm spending everything I have - no, SERIOUSLY!

Plus, you can live quite well in SE: Asia for fucking ages on as much as it costs for a pint and a packet of Salt 'n' vinegar from any pub in London.

pissoff said...

I'm gone for 2 or 3 fucking weeks and you reappear.

Nice to see you Herge... where are you going?