Sunday, May 18, 2008

Art Fraud!!!!

It’s shocking isn’t it, Art Fraud?

Hubristic people and institutions with too much money and desire to own envied art being scammed by unscrupulous blaggers, typically more talented and ingenious than those they scam.

Ripping off old geezers and regular twits like me is one thing, and extremely distasteful too, but when these bigwigs with stuffed wallets get taken for a ride it doesn’t seem so bad, in fact it’s often seen as oddly heroic.

I have no problem with art being copied, as long as the artist doesn’t lose out. If for example, Mr Spleenal was being ripped off and his work sold for a fortune to the Tate or some such bods I’d have a problem with it, as would Mr Spleenal no doubt. But generally Art Fraud is almost a victimless crime, with only these daft sods who place such ridiculous stock in artwork feeling hard done by. Typically the artist that’s being copied is dead/ and or the piece of art lost anyway so that doesn’t matter, and if those that are scammed never find out, then so what?

On the other had, I have an original piece by Spleenal so I’m very keen for him to get real famous so I can flog it to some nonce for a stack of dosh – actually I’ll flog a badly photocopied version to the nonce and keep the original just for myself.

And on the subject of great art...

This fab picture was emailed to me by edwaado - any guesses why this appeals? 

at the races

Sadly, they do shoot the biker scouts if they break a leg; the winning dachshund gets a Dentafresh chew (most need 'em after a heavy pant).


Sniffy said...

Ah, are you referring to the fabulous Greenalghs of Bolton? How I watched with glee as the documentary showed interviews with those who had been duped by their skill and guile.

HAH! Bravo to victimless crime, where the worst suffering is a splattering of egg on face.

You know how I feel about art anyway; it's not the art itself that gets on my tits, it's the fact that people think they're so clever when they can be bothered to interpret it. Nobs.

Trump wants a wire-haired dachshund. I'm not saying anything.

garfer said...

It just shows what a bunch of pseudo tits these so called art experts are. I'd like to pass off some Damien Hirst fakes. It wouldn't require much talent

spleenal said...

The best way to commit art fraud is to steal a famous painting. So that everyone knows it's stolen. Even the guy you sell it to. (you may be stealing it to order for him) The guy who buys it knows he can't show it to anyone, it's just for him, in some secret room in his house.

Which means there's nothing to stop you making 10 copies and selling them to 10 other rich dickheads.
All of whom think they have the real one. Hidden in the East wing.

While the truth is you've got the real one hanging up in your toilet next to the poster of the tenis girl scratching her bum.