Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Condoleezza is America's sexist woman.

Bombs, Bullets, and Babes Magazine
B3: American publishing legend

Bombs, Bullets, and Babes magazine have named US National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice America’s sexist woman.

The American publication ran a poll in its April issue to name readers number one ‘figure of lust’. High in the ranking were The Statue of Liberty, Goldie Hawn, Janet Jackson’s nipple (Jackson herself did not appear in the poll), Paris Hilton and Eleanor Roosevelt. However, it was ‘Bush’s gal’, Rice that hit the highest mark.

“It’s a combination of her striking looks, her no nonsense attitude, and her power to nuke the dang out the rag heads that really appeals to our readers", said Bombs, Bullets, and Babes magazine editor Randy Stradler, “She’s a fox, I know I’d definitely like to hit that tail” He added.

Rice is not the first female politician to top the sexist woman poll in Bombs, Bullets, and Babes. In 1999 former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher, won a landslide vote to be declared, ‘Sexist poontang of the century.’ Britney Spears beat her off the following year.

Bombs, Bullets and Babes magazine annual sexist woman poll, has seen a fair amount of controversy over the years, most notably when it voted Drew Barrymore, star and co-producer of hit movie Charlie’s Angels, the most ‘boneable chick of the year’ in 1982 for her role in Steven Spielberg’s E.T. Barrymore was only five years old at the time.

Stradler defended his readership in a recent interview on Radio 4 Today show when ‘Bombs, Bullets, and Babes’ ran a feature entitled, ‘Top ten coloureds we’d like to lynch’.

“Our readership is made up from a broad cross section of American folk, so it’s a nonsense to suggest it’s only male, fundamentalist Christian, racist, child abusing, republicans that buy our publication.” Stradler told Today’s John Humphries, “It’s also popular with Spics and some Jiggaboos.”

The April issue of Bombs, Bullets, and Babes is on sale from Monday.

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