Wednesday, March 02, 2005

DRBB2: First promotional image released

DRBB Promo 1
DRBB2: A stark image suggests harder edge for DRBB2

Production company Abortion Tickles released the 1st official Death Row Big Brother 2 promotional artwork today.

The image is that of Darren Webb, who as the poster claims was murdered outside a Chinese takeaway in the small rural town of Bromyard. Herefordshire, in June of last year.

Webb was 31 at the time of the incident and a married father of two.

Interestingly, Webb's murderer was never caught, which prompts the question is DRBB2 suggesting a legal coup in having found his killer and placed him in the house? This will of course be despite the fact that he or she would not have faced a legal process to establish guilt, beyond a resonable doubt. On the other hand, the implication could be that DRBB2 attempts to reduce violent crime by so graphically depicting the results of such actions.

No one from Abortion Tickles, Channel 4 or Webb’s family was available for comment.

Whatever the interpretation of the campaign one thing is certain, DRBB2 already appears to be as controversial, if not more so, than the first series of the show which ultimately saw the deaths of 30 people live on air over the course of it’s ten week run

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