Thursday, March 03, 2005

Porter and Vaughan both sign up for Euthanasia

cec porter
Porter: Sadly effected by big head, small body syndrome

BBC One revealed today that the TV presenters, Gail Porter and ‘jail bird’ Johnny Vaughan, are both confirmed for the forthcoming extreme reality game show, Celebrity Euthanasia Challenge.

Porter (15) became notorious as the ‘Parliament flaps girl’, following a publicity stunt staged by ‘lads’ magazine ‘Erection’, in which her spread open legs were projected onto the Houses of Parliament.

Although this in many people’s eyes was bad enough, matters were made worse when it became clear that her vagina covered the members’ entrance to the house, prompting the BBC Radio 4 satirical news quiz show to quip,

“It was the first time that anyone could recall Peter Mandelson entering a woman, the same could not be said of course for Glenda Jackson,”

Vaughan (46) is the ‘TV Presenter with a past’ as the tabloid newspapers quickly dubbed him when he first appeared on UK screens in 1999. The past turned out to be a ten-year jail sentence for armed robbery and the manslaughter of 12-year-old Nikki Peters, during the getaway. Vaughan’s introduction to the UK audiences on Channel 4’s popular breakfast show, ‘Up at the crack’, provoked outrage in the Commons. Forcing the then home secretary Rod Hull MP to comment,

“He (Vaughan) has served his sentence and is now fully rehabilitated. If he is restricted from pursuing a career based a crime he has paid for, then what message does this send out about UK justice?”

When Hull was challenged regarding Vaughan’s alleged drug use following his release from prison, Hull responded,

“Surely a drug habit is a requisite for Television, not a barrier to it?”

CEC Vaughan
Vaughan: Just effected by a big head

It is certainly the case that both Vaughan and Porter have seen better days. However their inclusion into a show that promises at least nine celebrity deaths over five weeks will undoubtedly further raise its profile.

Celebrity Euthanasia Challenge will need to have the highest profile possible as it goes head to head with the ratings juggernaut that is Death Row Big Brother in little over a weeks time.

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