Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Gareth Gates signs up to die.

CEC Gates
Gates: First of the gang to die?

In an effort to minimise the damage done by last Friday’s historic finale to Death Row Big Bother, now officially the most successful and controversial extreme reality game show of all time, the BBC today announced the first contestant on its newest games show, Celebrity Euthanasia Challenge.

Speaking to reporters this morning at London’s largest record store, SLUTS, positioned prominently in Piccadilly Circus, the shows producer Lance Hewitt said,

“Gareth Gates is just one of ten reasons to watch this show”,

When asked what the other nine were, Hewitt responded in his now characteristic bluntness,

“The other contestants, you dozy tit”.

The BBC were keen to distance itself from last weeks rumours that the intend contestant list for CEC was less than stellar, with former 80’s game show host Jimmy Harris setting the benchmark for the talent the show would attract.

With the unveiling of Gates (17) as the first of ten celebrities who will risk death for an opportunity to be once again in the spot light, it initially appears that the BBC may have a DRBB killer up it’s sleeve after all.

The next two weeks is likely to see a tit-for-tat campaign of ‘shock’ advertisement by both Abortion Tickles, the brains behind DRBB and Mutilated Child, the producers of CEC, as they attempt to get the most ‘viewer recognition’ and ‘must see appeal’, in this crucial period.

As always it fell to Hewitt to have the last word at today’s press conference, when asked if his show could possibly see off Death Row Big Brother, Hewitt simply said.

“You fuckin’ knows it!”

The first Celebrity Euthanasia Challenge is due to air on BBC One at 8.00pm Friday 5th March, with Death Row Big Brother 2 scheduled to appear on Channel 4 just one week later.

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