Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Strangeways - The story so far & who's who

Hello folks. Unbelievably, we are already halfway through the current run of ‘Strangeways here we come’. This has promoted me to stop for a quick break, provide a who's who and recap the story so far

This is an excellent opportunity to ask any questions that have been nagging since Part One. (I cannot promise I will answer them all).

It is also a good point for new readers to catch up, ready for the second half of this family sit-com blog-strip.

Who's who...

Who's who

And the story so far...

Part One.
Donald, the father of the house finally puts his foot down.

Strangeways roundup panel 1

Part Two.
Gemma (the eldest daughter) refuses to answer Donald’s question and Michael (youngest son) asks a pertinent question regarding his Grandmother.

Strangeways roundup panel 2

Part Three.
Poor Granny, still outside has another challenge to over come.

Strangeways roundup panel 3

Part Four.
Donald is shocked to discover a certain bag of 'something' stashed in the spice rack.

Strangeways roundup panel 4

Part Five.
Gemma's diary reveals that the family may not be as 'normal' as was first thought.

Strangeways roundup panel 6

Part Six.
Donald dazzles Michael with a day off school and a chance to 'bond' with the old man.

Strangeways roundup panel 5

Part Seven.
Gemma gets the hump about being treated unfairly.

Strangeways roundup panel 7

Part Eight.
Donald and Michael fish.

Strangeways roundup panel 8

Part Nine.

Donald realises that he may have to venture somewhere he would rather not.

Strangeways roundup panel 9

Dum dum duuuummmm!!!

Coming up next on 'Strangeways here we come':

The Cellar
The Aunt in the attic
and more...


Ship Creak said...

I have to say this was a great idea - to revist the storyline (and in the sytle-nouveau, too!).

Liking the weird looking tree outside the window in the first pic, too...

Ship Creak said...

Are any of these people modelled on anyone we know?

Herge Smith said...

Hey everybody SHIP CREAK
is running a 'guess what it is' competition over at his, and there's big CASH prizes involved - I suggest heading over and having a punt.

Can't hurt can it?

Herge Smith said...

No, why? Who'd you have in mind?

Ship Creak said...

Ta for the plug. Shame the blog an't get viewers on it's own merits, really. Talent, I think that's what's missing.

Anyway, as for the real-life reference. I'm not sure, but I just wondered if the Dad is based on anyone, since he's to warped even for you.

I mean, to chuck his mother outside in the snow...

MHN for short said...

Oooooh! That just got the curiosity juices flowing again!!!! You really know how to work a crowd!

Herge Smith said...

Nah, he's just some creation of mine.
(I probably nicked him from somewhere but my subconscious has blocked it out allowing me to believe it's all mine).

MHN - oh yeah... I'll get you all clammering for more (or less, depending).

Nobody Special said...


I hate to massage your ego like this but it's obviously necessary. You're great, Strangeways is genius and finally the doormat is the right way round!!!

Sorry to give you the silent treatment. Didn't realise you'd miss me so much. I hate a total bitch of a day yesterday and wasn't really up to any kind of social contact. I got home, got absolutely wankered on my favourite poison and today I feel at peace with the world. That's actually a lie but I feel better able to cope than I did yesterday. Oh hell, this is becoming a depressive tome. I feel like Marvin. My mood is toxic, if you don't watch out, I'll drag you all down. Save yourselves while you can!

Herge Smith said...

Well Trill, you've cheered me up by just dropping in. Tar. Good to have you back Tina, oops, I mean Trillion.

Nobody Special said...

How freudian was that typo???

I do hate a total bitch and that's largely why my day was so bad yesterday (remember student bitch anyone?) but obviously I meant to put "had a total bitch (of a day)".

I hate when my psyche is so exposed!

Nobody Special said...

Hey, let's get one thing clear. I am not Tina!

Oh hell, hitting the bottle as soon as I got home from work? Maybe I am more like her than I'd like to admit. Getting pissed on a Monday night is certainly new for me.

Nobody Special said...

And Herge, sweetheart, I never went away!

pissoff said...

I think I won the cash prize over at Ship Creak....!

On another note...I really liked the summary because sometimes I'm too lazy to read the whole thing so this was perfect.

Herge...you are fantastic!

frobisher said...

I think Strangeways is the worse thing you've done

Herge Smith said...

Well frobisher, you're in luck, because there's more to come.

MHN for short said...

Frobisher, where is your blog? Perhaps we could give your work a perusal and critique you... :-)

Herge Smith said...

Cheers MHN - (sniff) you're jumping to my defence... thank you.

Karen said...

Good idea to have the recap. Refresh our memories.

I have to say, I like the second incarnation of the characters (where they're just the white blob dudes with expressions) than the more detailed stuff... It sorta added more punch, at least to me.

Herge Smith said...

Yeah, I can sorta see that, when I was putting this together I was thinking that making it more detailed was not necessarily making it better.

I'm not sure about the noses and ears to be honest and I'm really not happy with how the women are looking.

Well this is the first half, maybe I'll go backward (a bit) for the second half.

Rowan said...

no! *disappointed whine* don't go back to the old way, I was confusing everyone (gemma, nana, and Doris) when they weren't detailed....it's too hard for an ignoramous like me to follow your storyline then.

Ship Creak said...

Why doesn't anyone have arms?

Herge Smith said...

Now I'm all conflicted - it's true what they say, you can't please any bugger, ever.

Thanks for the feedback - especially you frobisher, yours a value the most.

Herge Smith said...

Because they're Brits, they are not allowed to carry guns.

They all have arms, they just stick their hands in their pockets a lot.

Blimey Ship - a week ago the poor bastards didn't have noses, mouths, ears, feet...

give me a chance.

Nobody Special said...

Frobisher does a MMT. Excellent!

MHN for short said...

They have no arms because they are VeggieTales!

MHN for short said...

Yes, well, Herge I do tend to stand up for those I like. And sometimes, those i don't. You know which category you belong to.

Herge Smith said...

Trill - what's an MMT?

Sniffy said...

MMT = My mate tina

Strangeways isn't the best thing you've done? Maybe, maybe not. But when it's all genius, what difference does it make. I admit that I prefer the later story lines because I'm starting to get a feel for what's going on. I was confused at the beginning. Detailed or not, I'm not fussed. I think the detail allows you more freedom and it's actually a wonderful evolution of the style.

Thank you for this.

Herge Smith said...

Hurrah!!! It's Tina.