Wednesday, May 25, 2005

BBC2 unveils Extreme Wheelchair Challenge

Extreme Wheelchair Challenge
BBC2: Wheels on fire...

In terms of out-there game show ideas, it seemed unlikely they would ever top Celebrity Euthanasia Challenge (CEC) or even Death Row Big Brother (Which Channel 4 has a new series of starting this Friday). However, barely a week after the shock finale of the BBC’s smash hit CEC, which subsequently saw all ten constants ‘suicidied’ in a mass gassing, BBC 2 have unveiled their own ‘killer’ reality game show.

Introduced by producer, Jill Henry of Gangrenous Stump Productions, at a swanky West End Hotel, Henry described the format of the show to an increasingly cynical crowd of media reporters.

“Extreme Wheelchair Challenge will tap in to a whole new sector of the viewing public that has previously been ignored” Henry explained, “The psychically and mentally impaired will go head to head in a series of death and dexterity defying challenges to find Britain’s number one”

A keen eared reporter from the Economist asked Henry, of what, the finalist would be number one.

“Erm, of wheelchair users” Henry said, before adding, “The fact is we aim to highlight just how useful people in wheelchairs, and those with learning difficulties, can be”

Asked again to clarify exactly how they would demonstrate their usefulness, Henry bluntly answered, “You’ll just have to watch”.

At this time, no preview tapes are available for the show, although a number of humanitarian groups have already hit out against Extreme Wheelchair Challenge.

Margaret Norris of ‘Wrapped in Cotton Wool’, the children’s welfare organisation, had this to say about BBC2’s planned new show;

“It’s disgusting, I don’t want to see those brave brave wheelchair users, demean and debase themselves in front of a TV audience, just so they can gain the merest slither of notoriety”

Jim Nuttal, a contestant on ‘Extreme Wheelchair Challenge’ describes Norris’s comments as “Bollocks”.

“For goodness sake, just because you’re in a wheelchair, or have some sort of learning difficulty doesn’t automatically mean you have a great nobility about you. It’s that kind of nonsense we need to do away with. And why should it be only the fully able bodied that get to degrade themselves on telly? ”

Nuttal said before adding, “And if it takes me to loop-da-loop whilst my chair is ablaze and a herring is stuck up my arse for people to notice we’re just as pathetically desperate to get our mugs on the stupid box even if it is in a horrifically humiliating manner, then so be it”.

Gangrenous Stump
Another 'quality' TV production house

Gangrenous Stump Productions have yet to confirm that the loop-da-loop is part of the show, although they have stated there will be a number of exciting, visually stunning events.

In fact the BBC has already gone on the record stating there is the possibility that fatalities will occur throughout the six-week run.

The first broadcast from ‘Extreme Wheelchair Challenge’ will be on BBC2 this Friday at 9pm, straight after Gardeners World in Action.


pissoff said...

What a brilliant idea. You're a mastermind Herge.

Sniffy said...

Will there be a pastie challenge, I wonder?


Karen said...

I'd actually be interested in watching this one. :)

Nobody Special said...

Pimp my ride!!!

Sniffy said...

Pimp my wheelchair! Fucking ACE idea. Pimp my invalid carriage. Brilliant!

Herge Smith said...

So Trill and T are trying to Pimp my Blog are they?

Seriously, not a bad idea for a show...

maybe... I am currently working on a poster for a new show... and some stuff for the new series of Death Row Big Brother.

I'm going to hell, I know it. I thought this show - Extreme Wheelchair Challenge might push me over the edge, but they keep coming back for more.

I do urge you all to check out the comments made by the eunuchs - see link on blogs below - soooo funny, some of them didn't get that it was a parody.

Nobody Special said...

Some people take stupidity to a whole new level.

boabhan sith said...


Convict said...

Hilarious stuff Herge. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

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