Thursday, May 12, 2005

Crap animals No 26: Dachshund - UPDATED

Well, that about serves me right.

Regular readers may remember a week or so a go I did a blog entitled;

Crap animals No 26: Miniature Dachshund

And as always I slated the animal in question. I wasn’t however entirely forthcoming about the fact that I know more about the Miniature Dachshund than just the casual animal/small dog hater.

See, I have one, she’s called Dixon.

the idiot
Hopefully the 'poor little bugger' will make it through the night

And in some weird karma way, or just a case of bad luck and coincidence she’s currently undergoing surgery to rectify an impacted spine caused by disc damage.

I feel dreadful, not knowing if she'll be coming home or not.

Two days ago she started to act very withdrawn and I immediately knew something was up with her. (she's normally a running about idiot)

I may have mentioned that due to the dogs stupidly long back they are liable to back problems. Sooooo....

Got her to the Vet ASAP, who advised that the condition didn’t appear to be too serious at this stage and that she may recover with plenty of care and rest.

However, within about an hour of returning from the Vet, Dixon lost the use of her back legs.

Hence now her need to be operated on.

The Vet has told me that her survival chances are good and that typically she should return to about 85-90% mobility.

I’m waiting for the Vet to call me now, to let me know how she is.

Anyway, sorry about the personal stuff – not usually my domain, this will be an exception, rather than a rule.

Now back to my mate Dave, he’s a right cunt isn’t he?


Sniffy said...

Awww, poor little pooch! I hope she's OK and I'm sure she will be.

Any chance of you elaborating on the choice of name? Something to do with Barbara Dixon perhaps?

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Oh no, that's awful. Poor little thing (and Dixon). I know what you're going through. My cat Merl nearly died back in October and it was horrible. He had a kidney the size of an orange that was almost certainly cancer but turned out to be a really nasty infection. He's absolutely fine now though (minus the organ in question) so I'm hoping you get good news too.


Sniffy said...

Yes, and my Max has titanium hips after being squished when he was little. We thought he'd have to lose a leg, but he didn't and despite not having brilliant mobility, he's absolutely fine.

april said...

Poor thing. Let us know how she's doing. We've got you and her in our thoughts.

chris said...

hope she pulls through.

dosg ahve an amazing ability to deal with surgery.

edwaado said...

Rudi will be holding a candlelight vigil tonight. Our prayers are with the 'Do.

A Blogger said...

Oh dear! If anything happened to my little killer, I don't know what I'd do. So I understand totally, what you're going through must be HELL.

Yes, please do tell us how things go.

Thinking of you, and little Dixon, of course.

Sam X X (and one for Dixon!)

Connie said...

Its times like these that you realize just how much your dogs and cats are part of your family....
Hope everything turns out well.

boabhan sith said...

I hope the doggy will be alright...I have a cat that my sister and I have stiched up, taped up, cleaned up, and the likes on a weekly basis because he thinks it's fun to taunt all of the big dogs in the neighborhood.

Herge Smith said...

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the comments.

Tina, I may, if all things work out okay go into more detail on how I came to own a dachshund and whats up with her name.