Monday, May 23, 2005

Angry Chimp a smash with the ball-less.

castrato academy 3

It looks like Angry Chimp has a new crowd of followers, eunuchs.

Checking out my stats on my hit counter I noticed that my traffic had quadrupled today (up from 4 hits to 16!). With a little detective work and a press of the 'where from' link I found this;

They seem mightly impressed with Angry Chimps show Castrato Academy, which combines eliments of all good BBC2 Arts Shows and Reality Game Shows - Pretentiousness and naffness.

So far these new visitors have said the following about Castrato Academy and Angry Chimp;

Timboy said...
"sounds interesting. how do you get to be on it?"

P3 said...
"Hilarious! I haven't had such a good laugh in a while.
Not that it would be such a bad idea to bring back the tradition - we've all met those who probably SHOULD be taken out of the gene pool, after all, and if it preserves a beautiful voice, well..."

and Ray said...
"I sure hope that this is just a joke site, the thought of it being real is just sick"

Angry Chimp welcomes the eunuchs, eunuch enthusiasts and those sick pervos that find the idea of eunuchs something to wank over. All I ask is that they stick around and sample further Chimp delights, including;

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Angry Chimp: with or without balls - you're always welcome.


Sniffy said...

This what TV audiences are crying out for! It's no wonder BBC staff are on strike today - they want it too.

It's about time those toffs at the Beeb stopped producing the stuck-up shite they subject us to and gave us more hard-hidding, real-life documenatries like these!

Nobody Special said...

I drove past the weakest protest I've ever seen on my journey home tonight. Outside the BBC in Manchester.

Beep for the Beeb indeed!

Herge Smith said...

Fucking BBC - I already pay a fucking licence fee for them, I'll be damned if I'm gonna beep for the cunts as well.

boabhan sith said...

I like to keep my husbands in my perse...