Friday, May 13, 2005

Dixon update: She’s down, but she ain’t out.

Chimp and Daxie
I swore I'd never EVER publish this snap. Fuck it.

Dixon had her operation late Thursday evening.

She did indeed have a slipped disc and the vet need to perform decompressive surgery, which basically creates a window through vertebral bone so that the spinal canal can be entered and examined for compressive masses of material which are then removed – the material is what leaks from the ruptured disc nucleus.

Unfortunately, the disc rupture was underneath her spine, rather than on the left or right side so the vet was forced to effectively, ‘scrap around’ until all the material was removed.

During this procedure, it is likely the spine was damaged. (The vet told me that studies have indicated that even a single drop of water on the exposed spinal cord can cause major damage).

Look at that back, just asking for trouble.

Dixon survived surgery and is currently in a stable condition at the referral clinic in Solihull (outside Birmingham). She has however lost all feeling in her back legs.

The vet tells me that it is a slow recovery process and we really won't know for at least 2 weeks if she will regain the use of her legs.

This is by no means an uncommon problem with Dachshunds; approximately 25% of them will have some form of spinal complaint during their lives. Worse still, the common age band for this is between three and five. Dixon is six.

The question for me now is, what do I do if she is paralysed?

I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Although I haven’t ruled out ‘Darth Dachshund’ as an option.

oh dear
Like a little 'Big Trak', I wonder if i can get a trailer?

So it's going to be a while yet until I can get her home. Until then my home seems suddenly very empty.

more on stuff that goes wrong with the daxie back


Sniffy said...

Hey you, I hope she makes a good recovery and that you get her back to enjoy her company again.

Like I said, when Max was squished, although it wasn't a spinal injury, there was a fair bit of nerve damage that took a while to recover. 9 years on, he still has problems with feeling in his left leg, but he's pretty mobile.

I realise that Dixon's situation is a lot more serious because it involves her spinal cord. But these animals do have remarkable powers of recovery and they tend not to be too bothered with disability.

All the best.

Take care,


PS It's a lovely photo.

april said...

I do hope Dixon is feeling better soon. You know dogs and cats are extremely resilient just like Tina said.

Down at the local vet they have a cat. Apparently someone brought a dog into the vet one day and it turned on the poor cat. Anyway, this is the most amazing cat I've ever seen. She, unfortunately, suffered a spinal injury but she hasn't let it stop her and is extremely mobile. She has adapted to her disability and it doesn't slow her down one bit.

Hang in there.

And...You're just as cute as Dixon btw!

Sniffy said...

Damn! I've just lost a comment about Canadians and librarians.

Yes, it's very upsetting when there's such a lot of uncertainty for the outcome, particularly at this early stage. Do you get to go and visit her?

Jessie said...

Oh, that pic is too cute.

Kenny said...

Sorry peeps but could someone point out which is Herge and which is Dixon?

Seriously, I wish Muttly a speedy recovery.

Sniffy said...

Or a speedy rig if her little legs won't carrier as well as they used to.

I'm sure she'll be fine, we're all rootin' for her and for you.

Herge Smith said...

Slight improvement today - tail wagging... As the Vet said, it's a slow recovery process.

Tina, I decided not to visit as it'll probably upset and confuse her - don't want her to think I've come to get her and then leave again - The vet said this morning that I should be able to take her home monday/ tuesday. Then the hydra/ physiotherapy can begin.

I've alredy decided that I'll document this process.

April, thanks, but I think the dog is cuter. Nothing odder than a straight man with a small dog.

Nice one Andy. I'm the not so cute one. (top centre).

april said...

Oh you are wrong Herge. There are many men out there with small dogs (ohhh, that doesn't sound too good does it?). My nemisis, Scott, had a small dog for years (14 to be exact). It was a yappy little mutt but he loved it nonetheless. I think he thought it scored points with the girls just like he thinks our daughter does - then again, he needs all the help he can get. Anyway, I've seen many a big man with a small dog (pardon the pun).

Toque said...

Probably none of my business but should you really be taking her out drinking after she's had an operation!

Herge Smith said...

Gareth - it wasn't what the Vet ordered - but I get so much attention when i take her to the pub. Actually someone said today that the attention will increase once she gets to the pub in her little cart... The robodog in action.

April - Dixon does score points with the girls - but once I have to fall back on my personality any good grace the dog has amassed evaporates.

What's the deal with Steve? He's your man right? And your nemesis?

april said...

The deal is he was put on this earth to slowly torture me to death while simultaneously sucking the life out of me.

Karen said...

My best wishes for a speedy recovery for Dixon! I know how important dogs are to their "parents". [hug for Dixon]

thordora said...

poor weiner doggie....

hope he gets better. I had a pet rat with a broken back once. He was a happy little shit for months, and then he died like he would have anyway....

now I miss my rat...