Thursday, May 19, 2005

Don't forget to visit The Hay Festival 2005

Angry Chimp, a keen reader, would like to draw your attention to the 2005 Guardian Hay Festival.

Hay Festival 1
Don't except any of these books to be discussed at Hay.

A celebration of the written word, by authors you've never heard of, on subjects you really don't give a flying fuck about.

Therefore, if you love to 'chit-chat' with the middle classes about Universities they attended half a lifetime ago, but still feel it's of some importance. Or you just love to use big words like Spazacockulated and metaflorically then this is the festival for you.

Angry Chimp will personally be attending the exciting reading of Will Self's latest novel, 'I'm much more cleverer than you', at one of the many charming local pubs in Hay - The Mutilated Child. (On Market Street, next door to The Hung Pensioner).

Angry Chimp hopes to run into you all there.



Steve Dix said...

I miss having a good rummage round in the shops at Hay-on-wye

Nobody Special said...

Brilliant. Of course, I went to a proper red-brick university not some trumped up old poly. Did I fuck! Not with a C a D and an N I didn't!

Can't stand Will Self either. How do you manage it? I wasn't even aware of how much I can't stand him until you mentioned his name, just now. He should at least be honest and change his name to Dull Twat.

Sniffy said...

And what exactly will Angry Chimp be driving when he runs into us?

edwaado said...

Pimped Nissan Micra ('97 "fun-stuff" special edition) with blue neon running lights, and orange fur effect seat covers.

Sniffy said...

I can't think of a better way to go!