Wednesday, May 25, 2005


your mate dave on cinema


Sniffy said...

I suppose art house theatres are better for wanking himself off unnoticed in.

Herge Smith said...

I heard this brilliant line on Futurama (the BEST animated show ever - better even than the Simpsons) -

"Thoughts screech at them like the foced laughs of a million art house movie patrons".

Spot on. If you've ever seen a movie at an art house - oh my gawd, the forced laughter is right.

Sniffy said...

How's Dixon Herge? No updates for a while. Hope the convalescence is going ok.

Steve Dix said...

"If you've ever seen a movie at an art house - oh my gawd, the forced laughter is right."

I thought it really unnecessary tbh. The film in question was "Full Metal Jacket".

Kenny said...

Dave wrote Full Metal Jacket. He told me about it while he was drinking an alcopop once.

Herge Smith said...

Dogs okay.

I'll be doing a full report on 'how well is my doo' tomorrow.


The bit in Full Metal Jacket when the Viet Cong Hooker says "Hey GI wanna fucky suck?" - Oh my gawd that is brillant.

Kenny said...

Herge, if you've ever done any time in Asia, you have no idea how often you hear those or similar words. You can laugh at it on the screen, but in real life, it makes your skin crawl.


Herge Smith said...

Hey Andy, so you've done 'time' in asia?

What was it man, smuggling the white powder of misery up your botty?

Oh sorry man, yeah, I hear there's a lot of it going on over there.

Bit like New Street in central Brum on a saturday night. Except the women (and ladyboys) are better looking - the brum ladyboys - yowsa!