Saturday, May 14, 2005

WE LOVE EACH OTHER - The Guardian Magazine 14/05/05

Reprinted with no permission from The Guardian Weekend Suppliment 14/05/05

THE WEEKEND MAGAZINE: For fucksake, how the little children suffer.

Emma Bartlett & Graham Sampson

Emma I’d rather have Morrissey. I guess he’s second best; well maybe more like fourteenth best. There are many obsessed Smiths fans, he’s the worst. When we have sex, he finishes up by singing ‘A rush and a push and the land is ours’. He gave up meat for Morrissey; I’m hoping he doesn’t give up woman as well. I have to share him.

Graham I’d rather have Morrissey. We met when I was thirteen. My older brother bought Hatful of Hollow, the sixteen-track collection that is taken in the main from BBC Radio 1's cutting edge John Peel and David Jensen evening shows in 1984. It spoke to me. I fell in love for the first time. I knew then that my life would be devoted to Morrissey. Craig Taylor

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Kenny said...

Please tell me that these are not really in the Grauniad? If they are, I am proud I went and bought my fascist rag the Daily Telegraph this morning. No touchy-feely stuff in that I can tell you.

Herge Smith said...

Sadly the Guardian do have this piece in the weekend suppliment.

Maybe not quite as is written here, but close.

I've HATED IT for years, and now finally I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!

Sniffy said...

I prefer the "high 'em high" Express myself. Top notch for a NIMBY like me.

Herge Smith said...

do you mean 'hang 'em high'?

Blimey, a right bunch of right wing buggers reading this ain't there?

Sniffy said...

Yes, hang em high. No idea what went wrong there - I'm sure I'm a bit dyslexic.

Right wing? Moi??? Mais oui, bien sur!

Herge Smith said...

All I know is The Guardian is so soft I can wipe me bum on it and it feels like silk...

Or something.

thordora said...

what in the HELL is up with these things? Please tell me you're photo shopping people you've snapped pictures of in a shop....and fucking Morrissy....ewewewewew

Herge Smith said...

Thordora, these are real couples that put themselves up for the 'we love eachother' crap each week in The Guardian Suppliment. I do not make the pictures up.

Maybe a few of the words have been changed mind, but only for the better.