Thursday, November 03, 2005

Day No.4

Thing by the river raining 4


funny thing said...

Herge - you have one of the most surreal sites I've ever read.

(And don't go thinking that's a compliment, you weirdo.)

Put me down for one of your Christmas cards ;)

Herge Smith said...

funny thing - I bloody will take that as a compliment - and thank you very much.

Send me your email address and put the wheels into motion

Sniffy said...

Herge, it gets bettererereer and bettererererrer.

Fantastic stuff.

I can go to bed happy (and sad for the poor thing in peril).

Herge Smith said...

Don't feel sorry for the woodland creature - I have it on very good authority that he beat his children - all 72 of them (he found it knackering).

garfer said...

The woodland creature looks like a cat that's had its front legs amputated, presumably because it beat its kittens.
The squiggle thing on the bank looks like the strange squiggle on Cold Earth's mystic stone.
Spooky or what.

Herge Smith said...

Erm, the woodland creature is supposed to be clinging to the log. But it is a cat type creature. (I'm tired)

Piggy and Tazzy said...

The poor sod.

Why didn't you have any blood-curdling screams, or mysterious flying axes that chopped of heads?

I agree with funny thing about the surreal thing. Highly entertaining though.

Oh by the way, Blackpool is bloody awful. I imagine that's what you imagined. I vow never to return again. Ever. Except to visit it when it's been nuked.

Herge Smith said...

Cheers fellas - Worst place I've been to in the UK is a draw between Redditch and Sheffields Meadowhell.

Oh, and Cumbernauld.

S.I.D. said...

Garfy's right about the squiggle.

It needs copyrighted and we'll share the profits.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Meadowhall? Arrrrrrgh, arrrrrrrrrrrrgh, arrgh and did I say Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh?

I can't stand the place. Almost as much as Blackpool. It shopping hell and unfortunately far too close to us for comfort (only 15 miles or so). In about 2 weeks time the M1 car park will begin. Any attempts to travel south via the Meadowhall junction will be absolute bloody chaos.

Herge Smith said...

Squiggle profits? - I'm in.

Been stuck there many times. Mind you, I used to commute using the M42.
Never ever again.

Oh and as for the bloodletting in poetry - as it happens, the poem I'm working on at the mo is very very graphic.

funny thing said...

Blackpool is the second worst place in Britain. Hideous B&B's everywhere you turn, like some kind of B&B convention.
The worst place is Betws-y-Coed in holiday season. Everyone thinks it's 'Welsh' but it's actually Saga-land in gaiters and stupid ski-stick things.

funny thing said...

Cheers, matey.
Yer right, it was a kind of ironic compliment in a moody kind of a way.

MHN for short said...

Poor kitty. Didn't the cat know that he was supposed to stay out of the water. Geeze, it must be 33*F in that water!!!

jen said...

I absolutely love the "you're killing baby jesus" xmas card...too bad I don't personally know any atheists to send it to...damn religious bastards!

I would love a card!

Sniffy said...

That picture of rain and misery is exactly the same as the view out of my office window today (apart from the fact that I'm not staring out onto swelling river). Today, I am the Thing.

Rowan said...

What a mean little bastard that thing is eh?

I guess he's mostly concerned with hisself.

pissoff said...

Yeah, it's been like that here too. Rain, rain and more rain. Only thing different in my life is it's squirrels.

Sniffy said...

Fucking squirrels here too.

That came out a bit wrong... I'm not fucking squirrels, I mean that I've got a squirrel problem. Loads of the little buggers.

And lots of friggin' rain. All day.

Fuck it, 2.15pm, Friday, had enough, goin' home.

Karen said...