Saturday, November 05, 2005

Day No.5

Thing by the river raining day 5


edwaado said...

Wow, comment checked.

Sniffy said...


Hrrrm, when you said you were going to try to publish these in a book of "Pomes for pooing", I hope you were being serious. You really do have to try.

We shall lobby the publishers for you.

As far as the subject of Thing's desire goes, I take it the bloodshot eyes and grimy-smelling ears are attractive attributes? If so, am I the object of Thing's desire?

Steve Dix said...

I'm a sad geek. I got the "Star Wars" reference.

I'd write more, but I've got to re-order my Palitoy SW figures...

MHN for short said...

Your ears are grimy-smelling?

The Thing is not only anti-social, but a procrastinator too. Hmmm, sounds like me.

Herge Smith said...

You liked that didntcha edwaado?

See, I take all comments (however retard) very seriously.

Tina - 'Poems for pooing' does indeed sound like a good idea (not necessarily my poems), perhaps I should pitch the idea to that company putting out Tim Worstalls book? They specialise in turning web stuff into books.

Steve - Which ones? I also liked the original Han Solo - big headed figure, before they rereleased a regular sized head.

MHN - He his king of the procrasinators.

Sniffy said...

I think a Chimp compilation is definitely called for.

I can't access blogger to post to Cakesniffers. I'm getting completely arsed off.

Herge Smith said...

That's a bummer, man.

I've only done a couple of poems, might need a bit more padding out.

Sniffy said...

I have things to entertain blogworld with and I can't get in to fucking blogger! I think they're doing maintenance today - I did see something somewhere. Cocks. Oh well, there goes my grand idea for a farewell post.

What about the Librarian Degree stuff?

You could also have a chapter on the Strangeways.

Herge Smith said...

What? You're not throwing in the towel are you?

Sniffy said...

No, not at all. Shows you how much attention you pay to me!

PC is having a new hard drive and OS tomorrow, so I don't know whether it'll be done soon and/or how easy it is for it to pick up the network for internet access and things once it's done. Do you know about that sort of thing? do you just plug it in and see if it finds it?

Anyway, upshot is that I might not be around to blog for a few days, or I might.

Sniffy said...

BTW can you access the blogger home page? I'm getting sod all.

Tis a pain intshitter.

Herge Smith said...

Oh okay, I knew about that, but you did make it sound like you weren't coming back.

Shouldn't take too long if the person doing it isn't a total munter. I could probably do it in a few hours, following a number of mistakes and atleast two occasions of cold sweats and "Oh fuck, I've kileld my PC" momemts.

I'm getting blogger baby, read it and weep.

And I'm about to post a PROPER post. A dull on about today and my doggies.

Sniffy said...

Well, you're going to have to do without my wonderful post that is hanging about in the ether somewhere. I'd literally just clicked "publish post" and everything went tits up with Blogger.

It's a shame because I swear it was my BEST post ever.

Herge Smith said...

Wow. That's a real shame.

What was it about?

Sniffy said...

About 12 paragraphs and 3 pictures long.

Herge Smith said...

Hold on I need a corset, you see my sides are now splitting from the hilarity.

garfer said...

'visceral' is also an excellent word, but not as good as 'ennui'.
In view of your continuing pometastic endeavours, I feel that it would be highly appropriate for you to grow some long Byronic locks and shag aboot a bit.
I am looking forward to Tina's post, although it is a moot point whether I will be sober enough to read 12 paragraphs when it finally appears.

Karen said...

"Molester's broad grin!" :) :) :)

What rhymes with this: xjmbgy?

Rowan said...

Wow, I"ve missed the regular party around here again, just some hangers on left about I'm sure.

Anyway, came to say I think this verse of thing's poem may be my favourite.