Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The stabbing bachelor - la la loon


La la loon, la la lar, this time he’s gone too far.
Chopped up her torso and left it in the park;
on a killing spree he’ll soon embark.


Ship Creak said...

Where on earth do you get your inspiration?

Second thoughts, don't answer that.

Sniffy said...

It's the Fred and Rose West anniversary post.

They were a freaky old couple weren't they?

garfer said...

Yeah, but everyone's entitled to a hobby.

Sniffy said...

Yep, it wasn't Fred's fault that he took his work (tools) home with him.

Spirit Of Owl said...

Um, small point, but surely he already has embarked on his killing spree. I mean, I'm not an expert on sprees. I don't know how many killings a killer has to have done to be said to be on a spree. Is it two? Three? Does it have to be done in a short space of time? I mean, if they kill 6 over 30 years is that a spree, or is 6 in a week a spree? I just don't know, but the point I'm making is this: once that first kill is made, then the spree, if indeed it is going to be a spree, is to all intents and purposes underway, even if we don't know that it's going to be a spree yet. That's my point.

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Herge Smith said...

Spirit, it's a very valid point, and I'm pleased at least YOU are taking this poem seriously.

The fella in question has already admitted to having killed a stage school actress, however he did stop and only now has started up again.

I feel that from this point forward, following the nasty lady that laughed in his face will the actual spree start.

But then again, with a poem, its mostly up to how one interprets it.

Herge Smith said...

They were a local couple - local-ish Gloucester - the 2nd most interesting thing to happen there. The 1st being GLC adding it as a venue on their tour last year.

You fockin' knows it.

Faltanus said...

on a killing spree he'll SOON embark???? i'd say the ship has already left the dock!

Faltanus said...

Oooops. wow am i embarrassed. i guess i should actually read other peoples comments before i go posting my own. so clearly i agree with owl - the spree has already begun.

Sniffy said...

Jeffrey Dahmer killed a couple of people years before embarking on his major killing spree

Herge Smith said...

Thanks Tina for making the point.

I am rather proud that we're debating the finer points of my poem.

Got my 2005: Blogged book today, so I'm quite chuffed with myself.

Ship Creak said...

2005: Blogged, eh? Don't suppose I'm in it for my scintillating wit and ability to take the mickey out of myself, am I?

Oh, sorry. "It's been done", hasn't it?

Are we going to get these poems in a one-hit-wonder? Back to back worked really well for The Thing.

Herge Smith said...

Do you reckon you should be in it?

As for back to back, just sit down and enjoy the ride, stop trying to find out the end before you're finished.

Rowan said...

damn, you read Odd Thomas too?