Saturday, November 12, 2005

The stabbing bachelor - ba da bong


Ba da bong ba da bing, couldn’t get a job with a record from sing.
Took to watching women with their babies;
couldn’t stop itching from a dose of scabies.


Sniffy said...

I like. Very much. Detractors are out of touch with modern prose. They would know genius should it hit them on the nose.

Accompanied by the odour of a long-dead dog, I think I've just pood a large hedgehog.


MHN for short said...

you need some calomine(sp) lotion or a good oatmeal bath. don't scratch!!!

S.I.D. said...

As long as their not Norwegian scabies.

Yes nice prose I suppose

Herge Smith said...

CCE - 'very nice prose I suppose' er, tar.

MHN - oatmeal bath? What's the ratio of oatmeal to water, or do you use milk?

Tina - What detractors? Is my poetry being unappreciated? Is the media backlashing against me?

Aginoth said...

ewww scabies

Sniffy said...

Of course I meant "wouldn't know genius"

I'm a dur

MHN for short said...

Not sure. fill your bath with warm to moderately hot water and put in a cup or so of oats. Never used it, but I have taken plenty of cold baths with vinegar for sunburns. Smelly, but effective.

Karen said...

A bath with a few pots of tea in it is also good for sunburns.

Rowan said...

With their babies how?
Women with child? or is it women nursing? or I know, women giving birth? Taht's it isn't it? Nasty anyhow.