Monday, November 14, 2005

Word verification - is it just me?

...or is this thing becoming an incredible nuisance and making leaving comments both arduous and in some case impossible?

This really is the reason I don't leave as many comments as I used to. And to prove that it is the word verification and not the fact that I am a lazy arse here are a few examples of my recent efforts to leave comments on your lovely blogs.

First I tried to leave a comment of support over at the fabulous (and a bit political missus)
Run over by the truth, written by the lovely Red One. You'll probably need to click on the image and select a larger size to see just how difficult word verification can be.

Veri - red

Another blog another challenge. I was attempting to comment on a most interesting post by the ever delightful Rowan over at How Can it Seem So Right and Be So Horribly Wrong?.

Veri - rowan

I mean, how for goodness sake am I expected to copy that?

On a flying visit to my bezzie bud edwaados blog I find I am utterly unable to leave a lovely message of encouragement due to this ridiculously over the top word verification.

Veri - fridge

And finally I went to that mad curly haired woman's blog. I barely know her so I always keep it formal, besides, I hear she's bit whatsit and that.

I was stunned when I found this -

Veri - Cakesniffer

Apparently word verification wasn't quite hard enough to follow, so they threw in some math - where's Faltanus when you need him?

So people, I beseech you, turn off your word verifications and lets talk!

(I've left mine on 'cause frankly I'm sick of the spam).


Anonymous said...

It really is a cunt!


suburban wonder said...

I kind of like it. I treat them like a new way to sign off my email, like saying goodbye in another language. So on that note,

gksqiodo, everyone.

edwaado said...

"Tedious little shit"?

Were you downloading 'My name is Earl' - just a trailer right? What's that, a bookmark for

And now at cakesniffers popups that can get around popup blockers.

Sniffy said...

That is so fucking funny. Oh and I do adore you Herge, you're a genius on so many levels. Nobody can make me laugh the way you do.

Herge Smith said...

Cheers T - it's all for youse.

Edwaado - it's only (technically) illegal once the show is on air and available here - which it ain't. So get bent.

I only use for the news page of course.

Sniffy said...

You wouldn't let it lie, would you ed?


edwaado said...

Jeeze, I get featured and my hits are through the rough.

I'm up to seven.

This is so much better than Threshold. ..

err which, err, judging by the Sky trailers is pants.

Oh and Tina, I'm anti-spywared to the max. Oh no wait, sodding Microsoft beta crap.

edwaado said...

Why don't they let you edit comments?

Obviously I meant "through the roof", but there's that wit deflated.

Anonymous said...

I see you don't visit me Herge and I don't have word verification. What's the story there?


MHN for short said...

I swear, the spam poison thing I added to my blog is working like a charm. You guys should give it a try. And T, you might try it again. :-)

Holy Crap Herge:
WVW= hsdicbxm

red one said...

Bloody word verification, I hate it. Depriving me of your comments - the cheek of it! Never mind, Herge, it's the thought that counts and all that.


red one said...

Actually, maybe I should be nice to it in case I get the scientific equation.

Dear word verification, I hereby declare I love you.


portuguesa nova said...

I agree....and am still laughing at brownen's comment!

Rainypete said...

Bolllocks to that. I thought it was just me, but I got one of those "A train leaves the station at 6:00 ....." deals.

Word verification. Bah!

and what the hell is gbhnegcyho supposed to mean?!

cali said...

"This really is the reason I don't leave as many comments as I used to."

But i don't have word verification and you haven't left a comment at my blog for millenia. Okay, granted, i don't post much anymore - well, never, really. And yeah, its true that if i ever do post, which i don't, the posts aren't really worth commenting on anyway. And then there's the 8 hour time difference between your blog and mine.

btw - if you now feel compelled to stop by and comment, could you wait until i put up a new post? i was planning one for the New Year. (I'm not gonna commit to which one though).

Karen said...

What I really want to know is, is there some sorry bastard sitting in a room somewhere, matching images of word verification letters to the actual letters? I mean, if word verification is meant to defeat bots, etc., doesn't it follow that someone has to MANUALLY create every single one of those alien, long words?

Igczhfgc, baby.

Sniffy said...

Can of worms here herge - these bloody pious non WV folk are a right bunch, aren't they?

Perhaps if they did something worth commenting on, other than cheap jibes about other bloggers' ethnicity....

DrMax said...

M = mass, E = energy and C squared = the speed of light squared. Am I right? Do I get to leave a comment?

Steve Dix said...

Karen : No, it's quite easy to write a program to generate the pictures, then generate a one-way code : an 'md5 digest', which is passed to the verification program. Whatever you type is then also converted into an md5 code, which is then compared with the original. Since it's a one-way function, no-one can work backwards, and working forwards through all the possible combinations would require a ridiculous amount of computing power.

At least, that's the way I did it for my blog.

thordora said...

The sad thing is that your manipulations of the word verifications are so far off...I found myself turning my head like I was listening for dog whistles to read some the other day...

funny how it doesn't deter anyone here though

the fucking thing just said I mucked it up! ARGH!

Ship Creak said...

hate! Hate!! HATE!!!

I didn't want to switch them on me own blog, but after 20 mins sorting out the 3 comments from the 3000 spam comments, and then going in and deleting them... Well, you get the picture.

Easiest way to tackle the problem is at the source. We need to think of some way of finding the little buggers that create the bits and have their bots chopped off.

Right, now that this comment is long enough to be worth tackling the quadratic equation that WV has given me, I'm off. T'rar.

Rowan said...

Why thank you for the Ron Jeremy reference there.....ahem....somedays I think it might be more beneficial to me to become a complete slut in order to get a decent income...doesn't it make you sick?

Anyway, I've been thinking strongly of turning the stinking thing off lately....I'd even suffer the spam possibly.

Rowan said...

I just had to come back again for a laugh, I did, as expected -- more if not the same, as last visit too!

This was a fun one.

Sniffy said...

Aye, I keep re-reading them all too.

"tedious little shit"

"I hear she's a bit whatsit"

"Commie cunt"

This is brilliant, brillant stuff.

But i'm looking forward a bit more culture too, obviously.

Sniffy said...

Errm, and I think the upturn in traffic to Ed's blog has sent it into meltdown - you tried to see it today?

edwaado said...

Yeah nine vistors and the whole kaboodle fell over.

(I think its working again now.)

Herge Smith said...

What? I just says what I sees

Ship Creak said...

Yeah - and them some...