Wednesday, November 16, 2005

2005: Blogged

Herge Smith here,

You all know me - I like a laugh, and a Dalek and occasionally a poem and that, and I never try to force my opinion on you or suggest you should like what I like, but today I would like to suggest you consider buying this book.

look at me

Edited by the gov'ner (also known as Tim Worstall) who runs the terrific britblog roundup which has at one time or another featured a number of us.

2005:Blogged - Dispatches from the blogsphere is a book that captures the blogging scene in 2005, a time when the culture and art and general interconnected fabric of ... oh bollocks! I can't keep this up any longer - basically the reason I've mentioned this is because I'm in it - or at least that piece I did about the Stockwell Tube murder/ shooting, is.

Yep, it's that quality.

There's (probably) loads of other great stuff in there as well, might be worth checking out, right?

Here it is at Amazon.

And here's the link to the original article - HERE - Tim assures me that spelling, grammer have been corrected and funny material put into it. Enjoy.

Now back to the verse.


edwaado said...

According to Amazon, people who've shopped for this book also bought: "The Big Book of Masturbation: From Angst to Zeal".

Herge Smith said...

Cool, I'd like to say I have a bit in there as well, but that would be slightly inappropriate.

garfer said...

Cripes, fame at last.
I'm not remotely jealous..oh no..not even a little bit.

Herge Smith said...

Yeah fame! Riiiiggghhhttt - a throw away piece, in a book full of such stuff (100+) which will probably sell about 4 copies.

Oh yeah, Fame.

I'm hanging out with Pete Doherty now.

Hold on, here comes Kate.

Sniffy said...

That piece was excellent, and i can see what that's been included, but i'm disappointed that that one was and not some of your other stuff. I guess it's because blogs are supposed to be online journals and that was as much like a diary sort of piece as you'd done. It doesn't quite sum up Angry Chimp, I dunno, I suppose it does. Are you going to provide a link to that bit for the latecomers? Fuck em, let them search and they'll the rest of your excellent talent too.

garfer said...

You are in print, that's all that matters.
I had a letter printed in the Beano in 1976.

Herge Smith said...

Now that is fame! Were you in the club? I wasn't allowed - but good knows I coverted my friends furry Gnasher badge.

Tina - no links - let them search - actually that was the post that prompted someone to call me a racist nut - fucking idiot.

I do like the idea that someone reads the piece and thinks 'Oh, I'll check out his hard hitting journolism now' and finds poems.

It's out Friday, so perhaps I'll do a special piece for then.

Sniffy said...

Well, many congratulations and I do hope that this is the start of some of the recognition you deserve for your comic and creative genius.

You've been a star for me from the very first day I found you. You deserve a lot of success.

red one said...

You got a link to the original stockwell tube post, Herge? Just so we can read it without all that distracting stuff about other blogs all round it...


Craig said...

Very nice. We always knew you'd go far, and look at you now. All famous and whatnot.


Rowan said...

congratulations Herge! Taht's wonderful! How's it feel? You getting any royalties out of this?

Anonymous said...

better yet, they'll look for hard hitting journalism and find DBC.